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Mattress Types

Person placing their hand on a memory foam mattress.

The Best Value for a Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Finding the Best Twin Memory Foam Mattress for the Price Today, there are plenty of mattress types to choose from when you’re shopping for a twin mattress. From innerspring to hybrid mattresses and many more, you have an array of options available that are sure to keep you comfortable throughout the night. One popular mattress […]

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Woman waking up stretching in bed.

Why a Cool Gel Mattress Helps You Sleep Better

Did you know that people often spend up to one-third of their lives sleeping? According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults between the ages of 26 and 64 years-old should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every day. It’s not just the length of time that you spend in bed that contributes to your […]

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Pink bedroom with furniture.

Pillow Top vs Memory Foam Beds: What’s Right for Me?

If you’re getting ready to shop for a mattress, you may want to hold onto your hat. That’s because you’ll hear about all the choices that are available to you as you search for a new mattress. Out of all the options in the marketplace, pillow top and memory foam beds are among the most […]

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Hand pressing down on a memory foam bed.

Why You Might Need a Foam Bed

Understanding Foam Beds If you foresee buying a new bed in the near future, you should consider yourself ahead of the pack now that you’ve found Ben’s. Ben’s is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer that sells all kinds of beds at discounted prices. One of the most common types of mattress we sell is the […]

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What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

What to Consider Before Buying a Pillow Top Mattress When you’re shopping for a mattress, you may be surprised by the number of options that are available for you to choose between. If you want a mattress that’s widely considered to be among the most comfortable, a pillow top mattress might be for you. Pillow […]

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Neatly made bed with fluffy blanket in a white bedroom.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

What is a Hybrid Mattress? Your Questions Answered. If you’re going to shop for a new mattress, you’ll probably do some research. As you conduct your research, it’s likely that you’ll discover several kinds of mattresses. Innerspring, memory foam, gel memory foam, and latex are some of the popular mattress choices you’ll probably read about. If […]

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Why You Might Need a Soft Mattress

Is a Soft Mattress Right For You? In general, people who get the recommended amount of sleep every night will spend about one-third of their lives on their mattresses catching some shut-eye. A mattress is a foundation upon which you can ensure you’ll get quality sleep. Sleep affects nearly every aspect of your life, including […]

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bedroom displaying a neatly made bed with lots of pillow.

What is a Euro Top Mattress?

When you’re shopping for a mattress, you’ll probably hear a bunch of industry terms. You may hear salespeople talking about innerspring, memory foam, latex and various mattress sizes, such as king, queen and full, for example. “Pillow top” and “Euro-top” are two terms you’ll hear a lot of people using interchangeably. While you may be […]

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bed in a bedroom tightly made with brown pillows on top

Do I Need an Extra Firm Mattress?

It’s odd to think that the mattress industry experiences trends, but it does. It wasn’t too long ago that waterbeds were “in,” for example. Lately, many consumers have been gravitating toward firm mattresses and extra firm mattresses. Why is that the case? Because firm and extra firm mattresses are widely recognized for providing some meaningful […]

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Wallet sticking out of a mans back pocket with credit cards showing

How to Choose a Mattress on Any Budget

We Can Help You Determine How to Choose a Mattress That’s Right For You Whether you’re shopping on a budget or you have thousands of dollars to spend on a new mattress, you may find yourself looking for tips about how to choose a mattress. In general, a mattress will last for years so it’s […]

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