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Pillow Top vs Memory Foam Beds: What’s Right for Me?

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If you’re getting ready to shop for a mattress, you may want to hold onto your hat. That’s because you’ll hear about all the choices that are available to you as you search for a new mattress. Out of all the options in the marketplace, pillow top and memory foam beds are among the most popular mattress types.

What are Memory Foam Beds?

If a space-age bed comes to mind when you think of memory foam, there’s goa od reason for that. Memory foam was actually invented by NASA back in the 1970s as a material that was intended to protect astronauts during take off and their re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Since then, memory foam has been used in many applications, including mattress construction.

Memory foam beds are made with viscoelastic foam that reacts to your body’s heat and weight to conform to your body as you sleep. This material is able to “remember” the shape of your body so it can provide an ideal amount of support and relief to your joints and muscles no matter what position you sleep in each night.

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top bed in one that has a topper sewn onto its comfort layer or mattress. The pillow top is often stuffed with a plush, soft material, such as cotton, down, wool or memory foam. The idea behind pillow top mattresses is for their top layer to soften the feel of the underlying mattress.

While a memory foam mattress is one piece, a pillow top mattress consists of two pieces. Although the topper is sewn onto a pillow top mattress, a gap is deliberately left between the two pieces. This gap often makes the topper on a pillow top bed look as if it’s thicker than it really is.

Which Type of Bed Is Best for You

If you’re trying to choose between a pillow top and memory foam mattress, you may be wondering which one will truly be the best for you. While we’d love to tell you, the truth is that the bed that’s the right choice for you depends on a variety of factors.

Both kinds of mattresses are smart picks for people who are looking for pain relief while they sleep. They’re also wise buys if you want to sleep more comfortably at night.

If you like to sleep warm or hot at night, then you may want to go with a memory foam mattress. If you enjoy sleeping at a cooler temperature, you might want to get a pillow top mattress instead.

People who are on the heavier side may prefer memory foam beds because it’s unlikely that a pillow top mattress will provide much comfort. Consumers who are lightweight may want to buy a pillow top mattress because their slight weight may not be enough for them to enjoy the comforting aspects of memory foam mattresses.

Ben’s Has a Bed for You

Whether you want a pillow top bed or a memory foam mattress, Ben’s has what you’re looking for. Find a bed that’s right for you with our online comfort test or visit a Ben’s retail location in or near Atlanta to find the mattress that’s best for you today.

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