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Why You Might Need a Soft Mattress

Soft mattress with white sheets and blue pillows in a bedroom.

Is a Soft Mattress Right For You?

In general, people who get the recommended amount of sleep every night will spend about one-third of their lives on their mattresses catching some shut-eye. A mattress is a foundation upon which you can ensure you’ll get quality sleep. Sleep affects nearly every aspect of your life, including your mood, energy level, memory, and overall well-being. With so much riding on your mattress, so to speak, it’s vital that you pick the mattress that’s best for you. Continue reading the learn more about the benefits of sleeping on a soft mattress.

What Makes a Mattress Right for You

Obviously, your personal preferences and the size of your bedroom will influence which mattress is ultimately right for you. While those things and other factors will impact your decision, the health of your spine is at least just as important.

The human spine has three minor curves and a mattress needs to be able to support each of them to keep your spine in good health. The mattress that’s best for you will hold your body in a neutral position while keeping your head, shoulders, rear end, and heels in alignment. Ideally, the mattress will relieve pressure on your body’s pressure points.

If you get the right mattress, it will help your muscles relax, foster improved sleep and possibly improve your posture as time passes. If you purchase the wrong mattress, it can cause back or neck pain, interfere with your ability to fall and stay asleep and result in health problems.

Reasons to Choose a Soft Mattress

While some people talk about mattresses as if they’re either soft or firm, there’s actually a range of mattress firmness and softness options. This means mattresses aren’t just soft or firm because some mattresses are either softer or firmer than others.

The main difference between soft and firm mattresses is the way they feel. Firmer mattresses feel stiffer and they usually have less give than their softer counterparts. A soft mattress is squashier to the touch, as you’d expect. Softer mattresses also compress more than their more firm brethren.

There are several reasons why you may want to get a soft mattress. If you experience back pain when you sleep on firmer mattresses or you suffer from a pre-existing back problem, a soft mattress may be preferable to you.

If you’re lightweight, you may prefer a soft mattress because firmer mattresses may not compress enough under your weight. Softer mattresses are typically the smart choice for people who usually sleep on their side. That’s because they provide cushioning for a side sleeper’s shoulder and hips and they’re able to keep the spine in alignment when people sleep on their sides.

Unsure What to Buy? Our Mattress Buying Guide Can Help

If you’re struggling to decide which kind of mattress you should buy, you can refer to our mattress buying guide for some help. Our buying guide will walk you through the mattress buying process one step at a time.

If you want to talk to someone about your upcoming mattress purchase, you should visit one of our Atlanta-area locations to speak with our knowledgeable representatives. We look forward to helping you find the mattress that’s truly best for you soon.

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