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Do I Need an Extra Firm Mattress?

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It’s odd to think that the mattress industry experiences trends, but it does. It wasn’t too long ago that waterbeds were “in,” for example. Lately, many consumers have been gravitating toward firm mattresses and extra firm mattresses. Why is that the case? Because firm and extra firm mattresses are widely recognized for providing some meaningful benefits.

The Benefits of an Extra Firm Mattress

People who’ve converted to an extra firm sleeping surface often brag about the benefits their mattress provides. While some may prefer a softer mattress vs a firm mattress, here are some of the common benefits that are often associated with sleeping on an extra firm mattress:

  • Improved Comfort: Extra firm mattresses provide more support than softer mattresses. The added support that extra firm mattresses provide is particularly beneficial for people who have back, neck or joint problems.
  • Better Alignment: An extra firm mattress can improve your posture when you’re sleeping. When your spine is aligned as you rest, it makes it easier for you to make it through the next day without back or neck pain or physical strain.
  • Improved Sleep: If a mattress is too soft, your body will try to compensate by changing positions throughout the night, which can negatively influence the quality of your sleep. An extra firm mattress will keep your spine and limbs in alignment, allowing you to get a restful night’s sleep.
  • Proper Weight Distribution: A soft mattress generally cannot distribute a person’s weight properly, which can result in the individual’s joints and muscles being misaligned. You don’t have to worry about this happening if you have an extra firm mattress.
  • Improved Health: When you sleep, your body recovers from the activities of the previous day. An extra firm mattress will allow you to experience all the stages of the sleep cycle, which is crucial for your body to restore itself.

How to Choose an Extra Firm Mattress

If you’re eager to enjoy the benefits that an extra firm mattress can provide, you need to think about the level of firmness that will keep you comfortable throughout the night. Here are some considerations that can help you identify your preferred level of firmness:

  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • Your history of back, neck or joint pain, if you have one
  • The position you sleep in most often

After you think about those things, it’s important for you to test the mattress you plan to buy. When you visit a store, lie down on the mattress in your preferred sleep position to ensure it provides enough support. Try out a few other positions as well. Remain in each position for several minutes to make sure the mattress provides ample support no matter how you sleep.

If testing a mattress isn’t possible, you can rely on online reviews to learn more about the mattress’ firmness. You may even want to visit a few mattress forums to get more information about the extra firm mattress you’re thinking about purchasing or try our online comfort test

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