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Zoomed in photo of a new mattress.

Common Signs That Mean You Need a New Mattress

Signs You Need a New Mattress Even if you just suspect you may need to get a new mattress, the odds are good you do. Your suspicions aren’t baseless, after all. You’ve probably noticed a few things that have made you think a new mattress may be in order. While that may be the case, […]

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Luxury king bedroom set with blue pillows.

Luxury King Bedroom Sets That Won’t Break the Bank

King Bedroom Sets and What to Consider When Purchasing If you are thinking about getting new furniture for your bedroom, you may want to consider exploring luxury king bedroom sets. While that may sound like it’s out of your price range, you should know that you can find luxurious bedroom sets that won’t break the […]

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Bedroom set with comfortable sheets and pillows.

Bedroom Sets to Upgrade Your Sleep This Spring

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your sleep? If so, you may want to consider buying a new bedroom set. Getting new bedroom furniture can be an affordable way to breathe life into your sleep space and enhance your sleep. Consider this information when looking at new bedroom sets for your home. Types of […]

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Person placing their hand on a memory foam mattress.

The Best Value for a Twin Memory Foam Mattress

Finding the Best Twin Memory Foam Mattress for the Price Today, there are plenty of mattress types to choose from when you’re shopping for a twin mattress. From innerspring to hybrid mattresses and many more, you have an array of options available that are sure to keep you comfortable throughout the night. One popular mattress […]

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A woman watching tv before bed.

Why You Should Limit Screen Time Before Bed

The Effects of Screen Time Before Bed According to the National Sleep Foundation, the vast majority of people in the United States use a technological device within an hour of going to bed. More specifically, about 90 percent of people in the U.S. use at least one electronic device before they turn in. Is screen […]

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Woman using a magnifying glass to look for bed bugs.

What to Do if You Have Bed Bugs

Can you think of anything creepier than going to bed alone only to realize you’re not truly by yourself? Because bed bugs are small and often hard to detect, that’s exactly what can happen if these critters have invaded your sleep space. About Bed Bugs The size of an adult bed bug is comparable to […]

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Couple purchasing a mattress online.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Mattress Online

Tips for Buying a Mattress Online Are you in the market for a new mattress? If so, you may be surprised by the nearly countless number of options that are available to you. You’ll have the chance to go the traditional route and visit a big box store to purchase a mattress. Alternatively, you can […]

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Man laying in bed wearing a sleep apnea mask.

How Do You Know if You Have Sleep Apnea?

Answering the Question: How Do You Know if You Have Sleep Apnea? According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, as many as 22 million Americans may have sleep apnea. The same organization estimates that about 80 percent of cases involving moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea remain undiagnosed. How do you know if you have […]

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Man participating in a sleep study.

What You Can Learn From a Sleep Study

What is a Sleep Study? Did you know that close to 70 percent of Americans claim they encounter sleep problems often? Sleep problems are so common that they’re almost an epidemic. Problems with sleep can have serious consequences in various contexts, including your health, alertness, and safety. To combat these problems many people consider participating […]

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Woman in bed using a sleep gadget.

Sleep Gadgets Gaining Popularity in 2019

Popular Sleep Gadgets Did you know that 2019 is the third year in a row that the Consumer Electronics Show reserved an area of floor space exclusively for sleep gadgets? Over the past few years, products that track sleep have become more popular. Now, there’s an even greater push to introduce new products and make […]

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