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What is a Euro Top Mattress?

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When you’re shopping for a mattress, you’ll probably hear a bunch of industry terms. You may hear salespeople talking about innerspring, memory foam, latex and various mattress sizes, such as king, queen and full, for example. “Pillow top” and “Euro-top” are two terms you’ll hear a lot of people using interchangeably. While you may be tempted to do the same, you should resist because pillow top and Euro top are not the same thing.

Pillow Top vs Euro Top Mattress

Because so many people think pillow top and Euro top are synonymous, it’s easiest to understand what Euro-top mattresses are by comparing them to their pillow top counterparts. As its name implies, a pillow top is a layer of foam or fiber padding that is very soft to the touch. A pillow top rests on top of a mattress with a gap left between the pillow top and the mattress itself. Given the way a pillow top is sewn into position, it looks like it’s simply an added layer of padding sitting on top of a mattress.

Like pillow tops, Euro tops are also positioned on top of a mattress, but they’re sewn flush to the edges of the underlying sleep surface. This gives a Euro-top mattress a uniform appearance. Euro tops are filled with foam or fibers, but the material is denser and of a better quality than what’s typically found in a pillow top.

Both pillow tops and Euro tops usually look about three inches thick. As we stated earlier, Euro tops are stuffed with more material, which makes them physically thick. Pillow tops only appear to be as thick because of the gap that exists between the pillow top and the mattress.

Since pillow tops are thin, you can normally feel the mattress underneath them. This provides a uniform level of firmness throughout the pillow top. Euro tops are often made to be softer near the center of the bed and provide a firmer sleep surface toward the bed’s edges.

In general, pillow tops are less durable than Euro tops because they’re ordinary stuffed with lower quality materials and they’re thinner. Pillow tops tend to flatten out and show indentations as time passes. By contrast, Euro-top mattresses enjoy longer lives, but their edges may start to sag prematurely at times.

In many cases, pillow tops and Euro-top mattresses are sold at similar price points. Both are available on a wide array of different mattresses produced by various mattress manufacturers. While similar in construction, pillow and euro top mattresses very drastically from memory foam.  

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