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Luxury King Bedroom Sets That Won’t Break the Bank

Luxury king bedroom set with blue pillows.

King Bedroom Sets and What to Consider When Purchasing

If you are thinking about getting new furniture for your bedroom, you may want to consider exploring luxury king bedroom sets. While that may sound like it’s out of your price range, you should know that you can find luxurious bedroom sets that won’t break the bank if you look hard enough.

As you start your search for an affordable, premium bedroom set, you’ll probably come across three different kinds of bedroom sets, basic, expanded and customizable. With a basic set, you’ll get three pieces of furniture, a bed that has a headboard, a nightstand, and a dresser. An expanded set will have those things and at least one additional piece of furniture. If you buy a customizable bedroom set, you’ll be able to choose the pieces that are part of your set.


There are a lot of things to consider when you shop for a king bedroom set, such as your budget and the linens you’ll use with your new furniture. The style of the furniture you plan to buy is another important consideration. King bedroom sets are available in an assortment of styles that all look great.

Traditional bedroom sets are made with mid- to dark-toned wood that has a high-end look and feel. A contemporary set generally shows off clean lines and alternative materials like glass. A modern bedroom set often features natural wood and gradual lines. Also known as country sets, cottage bedroom sets often highlight distressed paint and finishes that are light in color. Shaker or mission bedroom sets show off the grain of the wood used to construct them. Find tips for working with different wood tones here.

Premium King Bedroom Sets Sold by Ben’s

Ben’s is a top retailer for discounted bedroom furniture based in the Atlanta-area. As such, we sell an assortment of king bedroom sets that are as luxurious as they are practical and affordable.

The Carlton Bedroom Set is available as a basic set or a customizable one. Expertly constructed and eye-catching, the Carlton Bedroom Set is made to shine in any sleep space.

Like the Carlton Bedroom Set, the Fenbrook Bedroom Set can be ordered as a three-piece set or a customized bedroom set that includes more furniture. Made with dark wood, the Fenbrook Bedroom Set is a great choice for bedrooms that have a lot of natural or artificial light.

“Elegant” and “breathtaking” are words we often hear people use when they get a glimpse of the Barzini King Bedroom Set. The praise is equally glowing when people see any one of the following king bedroom sets at Ben’s:

If luxury at an affordable price is what you want from a bedroom set, you needn’t shop anywhere but Ben’s. We sell magnificent bedroom sets at discounted prices, which allows us to put luxury within your price range. When you shop at one of our retail stores, you may qualify for financing which can make your purchase even more affordable in the short- and long-term.

Don’t delay! Find a luxurious king bedroom set at Ben’s online or in person today.

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