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What You Can Learn From a Sleep Study

Man participating in a sleep study.

What is a Sleep Study?

Did you know that close to 70 percent of Americans claim they encounter sleep problems often? Sleep problems are so common that they’re almost an epidemic. Problems with sleep can have serious consequences in various contexts, including your health, alertness, and safety. To combat these problems many people consider participating in a sleep study to learn more about their habits.

If you have a sleep disorder, you’re at greater risk for medical problems, such as hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. People who don’t get enough quality sleep can struggle to stay alert during their awake time, which may make them more vulnerable to accidents. A lack of sleep can have a negative influence on your productivity at home and work. It can also cause relationship issues and behavioral problems.

Luckily, help is available to people who have a sleep disorder. In fact, sleep disorder specialists estimate that they’re able to help between 85 and 90 percent of their patients improve their sleep.

What Is a Polysomnogram?

If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, it’s crucial that you talk to your doctor. When you do talk to your doctor, the medical professional may schedule a polysomnogram for you. While that may sound scary, a polysomnogram is simply a sleep study.

Polysomnograms are non-invasive procedures that are meant to identify your sleep disorder and its underlying causes. In general, a sleep study requires you to spend a night or two in a sleep center. A technologist will affix electrodes and monitors to your head, chest and legs. These things will collect data as you sleep, which will later be evaluated to identify your sleep disorder and its causes.

The Results of a Sleep Study

You can learn a lot from a sleep study. Once your sleep specialist has reviewed the results of your polysomnogram, your specific sleep disorder may be diagnosed. You may also learn about the options that are available to treat your disorder and improve your sleep.

Based on the results of your sleep study, your physician may prescribe medication for you to take that will facilitate improved sleep. Alternatively, you may meet with a sleep psychologist who will discuss non-drug treatments for your disorder, such as correcting your misconceptions about sleep or the surroundings in your bedroom. You may also learn some positive behaviors that can improve your sleep, such as limiting alcohol intake, timing your workouts appropriately and improving your diet.

Finally, a sleep study might reveal that you need to use medical equipment when you sleep. If your polysomnogram reveals you have sleep apnea, for example, you may have to sleep with a mask that’s attached to a CPAP machine.

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