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Common Signs That Mean You Need a New Mattress

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Signs You Need a New Mattress

Even if you just suspect you may need to get a new mattress, the odds are good you do. Your suspicions aren’t baseless, after all. You’ve probably noticed a few things that have made you think a new mattress may be in order. While that may be the case, you can confirm your suspicions by examining a few other things. Consider these signs the mean you need a new mattress.

The Age of Your Mattress

In general, you can expect a good mattress to last nine or 10 years. Although that’s true, it doesn’t mean you should keep your mattress that long. At least one study showed that people who replace their bedding after five years sleep much better and experience less back discomfort compared to those who don’t.

The Quality of Your Sleep

If the quality of your sleep has dropped recently or you’ve been grappling with poor sleep for a while, it could be an indication that you need to invest in upgrading your mattress. Waking up tired, having difficulty staying awake at work or play, waking up frequently overnight and having changeable moods are all signs that the quality of your sleep is suffering and that your mattress might be to blame.

You Experience Pain Upon Waking

Pain when you wake up is one of the unmistakable signs you need a new bed. This is particularly true if your pain lessens throughout the day. Hip, back, shoulder, neck and knee pain are common occurrences when a mattress needs to be replaced.

You See Lumps or Sags

As time passes and you use your mattress, its padding will shift. This can cause lumps or saggy spots to form. These spots mean your mattress is no longer providing support where it used to. This lack of support can cause you to develop painful pressure points. Many people associate lumps and sags with low-quality mattresses, but they can occur with mid- and high-grade mattresses, too.

You Wake Up with Allergy Symptoms

A lot of people are allergic to dust mites, which are microscopic critters that are commonly found on older mattresses and bedding. Dust mites can be present in exceptionally clean sleep spaces just as readily as they can be found in bedrooms that aren’t as immaculate. If you notice that your morning allergy symptoms don’t subside even after you clean your bed linens, you might have to get a new mattress.

You Sleep Better When You’re Not at Home

You should be able to get a great night’s sleep on your own mattress. If you discover that you’re able to sleep more soundly when you’re away from home, it’s a sure-fire sign your current mattress has run its course.

Replace Your Mattress at Ben’s

The team at Ben’s knows that it can be hard to replace a mattress you love, which is why we’re empathic whenever we hear people say they’ve noticed some of the signs that indicate they need a new mattress. Many people enjoy long-term relationships with their mattresses and it can be hard when those relationships must come to an end.

Luckily, you’ll find a mattress you’ll love just as much or even more when you shop for a mattress with Ben’s. Fall in love all over again at or one of our Atlanta-area retail locations today

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