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Bedroom Sets to Upgrade Your Sleep This Spring

Bedroom set with comfortable sheets and pillows.

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your sleep? If so, you may want to consider buying a new bedroom set. Getting new bedroom furniture can be an affordable way to breathe life into your sleep space and enhance your sleep. Consider this information when looking at new bedroom sets for your home.

Types of Bedroom Sets

Bypassing individual pieces of bedroom furniture and buying a bedroom set instead is a practical way to get all your furniture at once and make sure it matches. Having bedroom furniture that matches can make decorating your sleep space much easier and less time-consuming.

In general, there are three kinds of bedroom sets. Here are the primary kinds of bedroom sets you’ll encounter and what they consist of:

  • Basic bedroom sets: A basic bedroom set includes three pieces, a bed that has a headboard – something that’s a must in an adult’s bedroom – a nightstand and a dresser.
  • Expanded bedroom sets: An expanded bedroom set includes everything that’s part of a basic set along with at least one other component. That added piece may be another nightstand, a bench, a mirror, bedding, or a chest of drawers.
  • Customizable bedroom sets: As a rule of thumb, the only thing that’s guaranteed to be included in a customizable bedroom set is a bed. You’ll typically be able to choose the other components that will be part of your customizable bedroom set.

Bedroom Sets You’ll Find at Ben’s

As a leading Atlanta-area retailer specializing in discounted bedroom furniture, Ben’s carries an array of bedroom sets that can upgrade your sleep this spring and throughout the seasons that follow. The Louis Philippe III Cherry Bedroom Set is a beautiful option that will look great in any bedroom setting.

Available with either a queen or king bed, the Louis Philippe III Cherry Bedroom Set is a customizable set that can include everything you need to furnish even the largest bedroom. In addition to a bed, your bedroom set can include a chest of drawers, a dresser, a mirror, and a matching nightstand.

If peace, restfulness, and relaxation are what you want in your bedroom, you’ll need a bedroom set that fosters the right environment. And that’s what you’ll get with the Serenity Bedroom Set – bedroom furniture that creates a space where you’ll look forward to laying your head every night. The Serenity Bedroom Set is customizable and offered with a queen or king bed.

Here are some of the other bedroom sets you’ll discover when you shop with Ben’s:

Affordable Furniture Options in Atlanta

If you can’t decide which bedroom set is for you, you’ll find all the help you need when you visit one of our retail locations. We’ll talk to you about your aesthetic, floor space, room dimensions and the things you do most often in your bedroom. Based on the information you provide, our talented representatives will help you choose the customizable bedroom set that’s best for you and they’ll help you select the individual pieces your set should include to support your lifestyle seamlessly.

Order a great-looking bedroom set for your home from Ben’s today.

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