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Soft Mattresses vs. Firm Mattresses: What to Know

December (1) _ Soft Mattresses vs. Firm Mattresses - What to Know

Humans spend approximately a third of their lives in bed. That’s why it is so important to ensure that we are comfortable once we find ourselves underneath the covers, ready and eager for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping preferences and patterns differ from person to person. But what goes into our preferences for sort or firm mattresses? There are pros and cons to each, depending on a sleeper’s anatomy and personal comfort.

Soft Mattresses

Without really knowing the advantages and disadvantages of either, the terms “soft” and “firm” sure make it sound like a soft mattress would be a whole lot more comfortable, but this isn’t necessarily always the case. Soft, plush mattresses can be pretty comfortable, though, especially for older individuals who may deal with joint pain and back problems, as well as for side sleepers who curl up into the fetal position to sleep.

For the most part, though, it generally is agreed that soft mattresses are less likely to provide many sleepers with the support they need. Soft mattresses actually can push a spine out of alignment in some cases, and without that initial firmness the mattress can grow even softer over time. Not only that, but softer mattresses are, on average, more expensive, so unless a sleeper has deep-seeded mattress preferences or specific back and joint problems, there may be ways to find a more comfortable mattress for a more affordable price.

Firm Mattresses

Here at Ben’s, the overwhelming majority of the mattresses that we sell fall in the range of medium to firm. These mattresses offer a number of benefits for our customers. For starters, firmer mattresses typically force sleepers into a neutral spine position, which keeps their bodies straighter and generally offers more spinal support. They also reduce pressure on the circulatory system, which allows blood to flow better throughout the body, as well as the respiratory system, which makes breathing easier and therefore delivers oxygen more easily throughout the body.

Modern sleep science has done exhaustive research on these types of things and found that firmer mattresses are just flat-out better for nighttime and daytime comfort because they force your bones to support your weight while your sleep rather than your muscles. This keeps those muscles from getting sore and allows for better circulation, and while a firmer mattress might feel a bit odd at first to someone accustomed to a softer bed, the human body adapts quickly and, over time, there is sure to be a noticeable difference in the quality of sleep you get.

At the end of the day, which mattress a customer chooses comes down to their personal tastes, but in a general sense we do not recommend buying mattresses that are too soft. For that reason, we have several great mattresses from which to choose, including some that are incredibly firm and others that fall more into the plush medium grade of firmness. Whatever you need, we’ve got it at a great price here at Ben’s!

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