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What Are Box Springs For?

January (3) _ What Are Box Springs For?

Did you know that the saying “Sleep tight” comes from an era long before the invention of modern mattresses? Once upon a time, people actually slept on a bed suspended on ropes that would loosen over the course of an evening. Every night before going back to bed, these people would have to pull the ropes tight to ensure the best possible support for sleeping.

The invention of the box spring completely changed all that, to the point that today we hardly can imagine falling asleep without the added support that a box spring provides. Here at Ben’s, we carry a wide variety of excellent box springs, and while some people try to justify sleeping on a mattress without the extra support, the truth is that using those box springs is how the mattress manufacturers intended that we sleep.

Basic Uses for a Box Spring

Put as simply as possible, there are three reasons why someone would require a box spring:


First and foremost, a box spring’s purpose is to create a flat and solid structure for the actual mattress to rest on top of. The very first box springs were just wire frames, without the wood and cloth, but today the makeup of a box spring depends a lot on what type of mattress a person purchases. For example, wood frames are more appropriate for memory foam, while standard box springs tend to work better with innerspring mattresses.


Another reason why box springs are essential is that they can help preserve the longevity of the mattress itself. Without that support, certain mattresses can sag and wear out more quickly than they would have otherwise. Most manufacturers will not honor warranties on mattresses that are not used in conjunction with a box spring for that very reason, so for the benefit of the long-term use of the mattress, a box spring really can help.

Ease of Use

Box springs also make it easier to get in and out of bed by allowing sleepers to slide easily into their sheets because the box spring allows the actual mattress to lie at an ideal height. We even sell box springs of different heights here at Ben’s, meaning ease of use really is just a matter of finding the perfect height for a mattress et.

Choosing a Box Spring

With so much diversity in the types of box springs currently for sale, choosing the right one comes down to a couple of factors. For starters, finding the right height is important for the aforementioned reasons, but it also is best to buy the box spring that was designed to accompany whatever mattress you are interested in purchasing. They were designed and tested together, so for optimal support and comfort, buying the two mattresses as a set often is the best course of action.

Of course, if customers in the Atlanta, GA area need any help settling on which box spring to buy, we always are ready and eager to help here at Ben’s. We certainly have a diverse inventory from which to choose, so picking a winner really is just a matter of stopping in any time and giving them a try!

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