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What’s Inside a Mattress?

January (6) _ What's Inside a Mattress?

Most customers are solely concerned about whether or not their mattresses are comfortable, seldom do any give consideration to exactly why they are comfortable. The truth is that mattresses can be built from a number of materials in many different ways to make up a sleeping surface for every type and shape of human body.

The following is a look at what materials make up a mattress, and hopefully this information will help Ben’s customers find the right mattresses for them, regardless of whether they shop online or come visit us in person at our store.

The Most Common Mattress Materials

There are a handful of materials that are most common in mattresses, including:

Steel Coils

Many mattresses feature some type of steel coil, which either can be arranged in an open manner or individually wrapped or “pocketed.” They are the primary source of support in many types of beds.


The other main option is foam, which adheres to the contours of the body and sometimes regulates the temperature of the mattress. There are several types of foam used in today’s mattresses, including memory foam, gel memory foam, polyurethane foam, and others.

Polyester Batting

Some pillowtop mattresses use this polyester “fluff” to add some body to the top part of the mattress.


There are several different ways that this popular material can be used in a mattress, ranging from interior uses to the exterior covering.

What’s Inside an Innerspring Mattress?

As mentioned above, there are two types of innerspring mattresses: one that individually pockets every spring, and one that lays the springs out in a more open manner. These typically are wrapped in some sort of cotton blend on the outside for general comfort, while the coils themselves are used for support. One thing to note is that more coils does not necessarily mean a more comfortable bed. More coils does mean a reduction in motion transfer, though, which can be nice for those that share a bed with a spouse or partner.

What’s Inside a Foam Mattress?

The insides of a foam mattress typically are constructed of layers of foam, with the top layer being the one meant to provide the majority of the support. There are all kinds of different types of foam ranging from hard to soft, but the layers of foam all work together to make sleepers comfortable and relieve stress on major pressure points. Unlike innerspring mattresses, which require extra materials to hold all the coils together, foam mattresses really just need an outside layer of material primarily for aesthetic purposes.

What’s Inside a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses have become increasingly popular, combining an innerspring base for support and a layer or two of foam on top to create that body-conforming feeling for sleepers and help regulate temperature. High-density foam encasements enclose the mattress to support the edges.

Ben’s carries a wide variety of different mattress types and brands. Choosing the right mattress can feel like a huge decision sometimes, but we provide custom sleep tests to help you choose the mattress that is the best fit for you. Shop online or visit a store location today.

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