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Toy Storage Ideas for Decluttering Your Bedroom or Playroom

Toy Storage Ideas for Decluttering Your Bedroom or Playroom

Toy Storage Ideas All Parents Should Know About

If you’re a parent, you’re probably all too familiar with the struggles of maintaining a clean, well-organized home. Keeping a home in order is difficult enough when you don’t have children, but it’s even harder when kids – and all of their toys – are thrown into the mix.

While maintaining order is typically more challenging when you have kids, particularly younger children, it’s not impossible. Rather, it’s not impossible if you employ some clever toy storage ideas to keep your children’s toys organized and in place when they’re not being used.

Swoop Bags

If your kids are fans of Legos, it’s likely you know the risk involved with walking around your home without shoes or slippers. Despite their usually small size, Legos can inflict a surprising amount of pain when you step on them with an unprotected foot, can’t they?

Luckily, there’s a way you can protect your kids’ Legos, and your feet, when your children aren’t exercising their imaginations with their toys. And it’s by using Swoop Bags to store your kids’ Legos.

A Swoop Bag is simply a round piece of fabric that has a drawstring that runs along the perimeter. The bag opens up to a diameter of nearly four feet across and lays flat on the floor. During playtime, the bag serves as a defined play space where your kids can use their Legos. When playtime is over, make sure all the Legos are on top of the bag, pull the drawstring and in a second or so all your kids’ Legos will be contained in a soft bag that’s easy to stow under a bed or in a closet.

If you have kids who are too young to play with Legos because their size makes them a choking hazard or a pet who loves to chew and swallow things just because he or she can, you’ll really appreciate having a Swoop Bag. Because the bag makes cleaning up so fast and it creates a defined play area, it limits tiny people and pets from being able to access Legos unsupervised.

Clear Boxes

While it’s tempting to shove toys that are scattered all over the floor under the nearest bed or into the closet, doing so will make using them again nightmarish because you’ll need to hunt and peck to find the toys your kids want to play with. Instead of shoving everything into a storage area in an unorganized manner, use clear plastic boxes to sort and store your kids’ toys.

Even though your boxes are clear, you should still label them to prevent confusion at a later date. Using stackable boxes that are appropriately sized for your storage area will help you maximize your available storage space.

Wire Baskets

One of the best toy storage ideas you’ll hear is to make storage part of your kids’ play area because doing so is a smart way to get your kids used to putting their toys away when playtime is over. Wire baskets enable you to integrate nice-looking storage into your children’s play area. Wire baskets are versatile, affordable and available in an assortment of sizes that will work well in any play area. And you can paint them to match the décor of your kids’ playroom.

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