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Plan the Perfect Spa Day at Home

Plan the Perfect Spa Day at Home

With the rigors of day-to-day life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and desperate for some down time. If you’re at that point, what could possibly be better than spending a day at the spa? While that does sound great, it also sounds like it could be expensive. If you want some “me time” but don’t want to break the bank, you can still enjoy the benefits of a spa by planning a spa day at home.

Preparation is the Key to a Wonderful Spa Day at Home

To get the most out of your DIY, at-home spa day, preparation is the key. To prepare for a blissful day, you need to let your family members or roommates know that you’ll need some uninterrupted time to pamper yourself. Whether you’re planning to relax all day or just for a few hours, let the people you live with know when you’ll want to be left to yourself.

Don’t forget to tell your boss and coworkers that you won’t be available to take their calls during your spa time, too. This is particularly important if you run your own business or your coworkers are in the habit of contacting you even when you’re out of the office. If you don’t want to tell the people you work with your exact plans, simply tell them you need some personal time.

Once everyone is aware of your plans, it’s time to gather the supplies you’ll need to truly pamper yourself. A comfortable robe and slippers, your favorite wine or some detox water, essential oils, candles and soothing bath salts are just a few of the things you might want to pick up if you don’t have them already.

How to Spend Your At-Home Spa Day

There are plenty of ways to spend a spa day at home. If you search the Internet for some ideas, you’ll find there isn’t a shortage of restful ways to spend your time during a DIY spa day.

Take a Restorative Bath

A great way to start a spa day is with a restorative bath. Fill your tub with water that’s a comfortable temperature, put the lights on a low setting and light some candles. Add some bath salts or essential oils to your bath water. If you have dry skin, consider adding some milk or oatmeal to your bath water for a moisturizing effect.

If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, ask your device to play “spa music” that you can listen to as you bathe. When you’re done bathing, wrap yourself if a fluffy towel or a comfy bathrobe.

Try a Mud Mask
If you forgot to pick up a mask as you prepared for your spa day, you can make one yourself. Mix ½ cup of cosmetic clay with two tablespoons of water until the ingredients form a thick paste. Spread the paste on your arms, legs and torso and let it dry. Then, rinse the mask off in the shower.

Give Yourself a Massage

If stress or a new workout routine has caused soreness in your muscles, you should give yourself a massage during your spa day. Knead your muscles gently with your fingers while you rest in the tub or rinse off in the shower.

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