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Bedroom Paint Colors for an Interior Overhaul

Bedroom Paint Colors for an Interior Overhaul

Trending Bedroom Paint Colors Picked by the Experts

If you were to ask multiple color experts what the next hottest bedroom paint colors will be, it’s likely the number of responses you’ll get will be the same as the number of people you ask. When it comes to picking the next must-have bedroom paint colors, experts take hints from various things, such as the arts, fashion, pop culture, and even the car manufacturing industry.

While it might be challenging for seasoned experts to predict what colors will be the most popular for painting bedrooms moving forward that doesn’t impact one thing. And that’s the vast number of paint colors that are available to overhaul your bedroom.

In the Moment T18-15 by Behr

In general, paint manufacturers try to give their paint colors names that match the paints’ own aspirational themes, and Behr succeeded with In the Moment T18-15. Erika Woelfel works as Behr’s vice president of color and creative services. When describing In the Moment T18-15, Woelfel said, “[The paint is] a perfect balance between blue and green.”

Depending on the look you want your bedroom to have, you can use In the Moment T18-15 to create a monochromatic look by painting the walls as well as your trim the same color. To create a dramatic, equally eye-pleasing look, consider using a matte finish of In the Moment T18-15 to paint all your walls, except one. Use a glossy sheen on the remaining wall to create a compelling contrast.

River Rapids 29B-3 by Clark+Kensington

“Soothing” and “renewing” are two accurate ways to describe River Rapids 29B-3 by Clark+Kensington. The paint is reminiscent of sea foam green, but it has a refreshing touch of gray that provides a bit of airiness to the familiar color.

If you want your bedroom to be the ultimate space for rest and relaxation, you can’t go wrong with River Rapids 29B-3. If you want to shake things up while preserving the relaxing feel of this paint, consider pairing River Rapids 29B-3 with some traditional shades, such as natural tones or a paint that’s made from a blue-black base.

Black Magic OL116 by Olympic

You don’t have to be a shift worker to appreciate how helpful a darker bedroom environment can be when it comes to facilitating sleep. Black Magic OL116 is a “true black” that’s actually the blackest paint on Olympic’s palette.

This paint is great for expressing yourself, and it can easily be paired with many other paint colors such as white or periwinkle. Unless you’re using this paint in a child’s bedroom where a higher sheen may work better, a matte finish will often work well with this shade of paint.

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