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Ben’s Picks: Best Affordable King Mattresses


If you love to sprawl out in bed—without worrying about knocking into your partner or a nightstand—then a King mattress is for you. A new, luxuriously large King mattress is more affordable than you might think, especially if you know where to look.

At Ben’s, we offer a wide range of mattresses in every size, including the newest memory foam mattresses and advanced innerspring designs from great brands like Englander.

We believe that everyone deserves a great night’s sleep, which is why you’ll find competitive prices on every item we offer, in addition to financing options to make your purchase even easier.

If you’re ready to indulge in a new King mattress, without breaking your budget, here are

Some of Our Best Affordable King Size Mattresses

Monarch King Mattress Set – $299

The Monarch mattress is proof that you don’t need to be a king to buy a King mattress! This is a one-sided, smooth top, Earth-Friendly re-manufactured mattress. It’s a great option for those who want to purchase a king mattress for as little as possible, without sacrificing comfort.

Springs and other components inside the mattress are recycled, sanitized, thoroughly inspected for quality. They are then recovered in new, high-quality materials, such as the knit cover and select foams and fire-retardant materials. Each Monarch mattress may be slightly different inside, but the average thickness is six inches.

Heritage King Mattress Set – $399

Step up your comfort with the Heritage mattress, which is another eco-conscious mattress that’s re-manufactured, to save on materials—so it’s easier on the planet and on your wallet.

Just like the Monarch, every Heritage mattress is stripped down and reconstructed to make it as good as new. At a minimum thickness of eight inches, your body will be supported by more foam layers and other materials to enhance your comfort and improve your quality of sleep. The Heritage mattress also features a quilted Knit top.

Caress Pillow Top King Mattress Set – $499

Enjoy a luxurious pillow top mattress—for less! The Caress mattress is loaded with multiple layers of comfortable, supportive foam, plus a durable innerspring system, resulting in a mattress that’s a whopping 12 inches thick.

The mattress features a quilted true Pillow Top Knit “V” top construction. Pillow tops are great for those who love a soft mattress with lots of cushioning on top, and the Caress is no exception. Plus, it’s re-manufactured, which means the core innerspring and some other inner components have been meticulously repurposed, resulting in a good-as-new mattress that’s comfortable, earth-friendly and extremely affordable.

Supreme King Mattress Set – $499

The Supreme mattress gives you the same 12+ inches of comfy, supportive goodness, with the added benefit of being two-sided. That means both sides have comfort foams, covered in knit materials, so you can flip the mattress occasionally to extend its life even further.

Like the others above, Supreme saves on materials by being re-manufactured. It’s meticulously inspected and rebuilt in accordance with State & Federal requirements in a modern factory environment with strict quality controls. So you know you’re getting a comfortable, high-quality mattress that’s a pleasure to sleep on, night after night.

Runners Up

By spending just a little more, you can step up to an all-new mattress from a great brand like Englander. Here are two excellent options to consider:

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