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Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain


If you suffer from lower back pain, then you know what it’s like to struggle with the simplest tasks that make up your day: walking, bending to pick things up, yard work and basically any physical activity. And at night, you’re constantly tossing and turning to alleviate the aches and sore muscles. But what you might not realize is that your mattress could be making your back pain even worse and purchasing a new mattress might be the answer.

Best Mattress Tips and Tricks For Lower Back Pain

Only a medical professional can determine the exact cause of your chronic back problems. But it doesn’t take a doctor to know that the problem could be exacerbated by your mattress.

When you lie in bed, your body needs to maintain proper spinal alignment. But since different parts of your body, such as the lumbar area, are heavier than others, they need more support. Without the right support, your spine doesn’t properly align. What’s more, some of your back muscles will be placed under greater stress, since your weight isn’t evenly distributed. That means you’ll feel the need to toss constantly throughout the night, and you’ll likely wake up with a sore back in the morning.

Aging and poorly made mattresses will fail to provide the support your body needs to prevent back pain. Whether the mattress is sagging in the middle, or it’s simply constructed with cheap materials, your back problems aren’t going to get any better until you do something about it.

The best mattresses for lower back pain are designed with innovative features to keep your spine properly aligned and your muscles free of pressure points. Such features can include adaptive innerspring systems, zoned coils and comfort foams with added lumbar support.

At Ben’s, we carry a variety of mattresses that are great for people with lower back pain. Here are a few of our favorites:

High-Density Performance Core

We have several memory foam mattresses from Englander—one of the most trusted mattress brands in the world—designed with a high-density performance core. This is a supportive foam core, topped with pressure-point relieving memory foam, to ensure proper spinal alignment and provide all-night comfort, night after night.


Memory Foam with Lumbar Support

Memory foam itself is a great choice for back-pain sufferers, due to the exceptional pressure-point relief. But some mattresses go even further to eliminate back pain by adding additional support in the lumbar area. This provides better weight distribution and support in the areas that need it, regardless of whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach.


Zoned Innerspring/Coils

Zoned innerspring systems are another design feature that can help alleviate back pain. These innersprings often use higher-density coils in the center third of the mattress, where your body is heaviest. This gives your lumbar area the extra support it needs to keep your spine aligned and to reduce pressure points.


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