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How to Find a Quality Mattress for Less

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Finding a Quality Mattress for Less is Easier Than Ever

If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress but your budget is somewhat limited, you may want to see how you can get a mattress for less than what you’d have to pay in a specialty store or big box department store. Luckily, there are some things you can do to purchase a quality mattress for less.

Turn to Your Family and Friends

If you’re close to your family and friends and you know one of them is getting ready to replace a mattress, you can ask that person if you can have the mattress he or she is going to discard. You can increase the likelihood that the person will agree by offering to remove the mattress yourself. You can improve the odds that your friend or family member will agree even more by offering to transport the person’s new mattress from the store to the person’s home or by saying you’ll be happy to help lug the new mattress into the individual’s bedroom.

Websites and Apps

Certain websites and apps can be valuable resources for people who want to buy a mattress for less. You can start your search for a mattress by visiting If you see a listing that interests you, be sure you bring a buddy or two with you when you go to check out the mattress.

If you don’t find a mattress on Craigslist, you may want to give the app LetGo a try. Just like you can on Craigslist, you can limit your search by region to make sure a seller is located close enough to you for you to pick up the mattress you want. Once again, it’s advisable to bring at least one other person with you when you go to view and pick up a mattress someone else is selling.

Because the mattresses sold on Craigslist and LetGo are often used, it’s important for you to treat a mattress you get by using one of those resources before you bring it into your home. More specifically, you should clean the mattress and treat it with disinfectant and bug spray prior to bringing it inside. While these kinds of purchases can offer attractive discounts, we do not recommend purchasing from a non-registered seller. 

Ben’s Offers Quality Mattresses for Less

Shopping with a respected retailer that sells mattresses with financing options is a good idea for anyone looking to reduce their financial burden. And that’s exactly what Ben’s is – an established retailer that sells high-quality mattresses at discounted prices. To find a quality mattress for less, shop with Ben’s online or by visiting one of our Atlanta-area furniture stores today. Try out our online comfort test and start sleeping on a premium mattress for less. 

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