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What You Need To Know About One-Sided Mattresses


For the longest time, two-sided mattresses dominated the market. However, a visit to mattress stores today would reveal that two-sided mattresses are already very hard to find. Sure, some stores still have them in stock, but these days, one-sided mattresses have become the popular choice among consumers.

Here are some of the things you need to know about one-sided mattresses, now considered the industry standard.

They cannot be flipped

Unlike two-sided mattresses, the single-sided mattress only has one side with upholstery. In place of padding, a non-skid surface makes up the other side. A one-sided mattress features a high-density base, topped by levels of support foam that vary in firmness, with the topmost being the softest.

They require little maintenance

All a one-sided mattress needs is periodic rotation to protect it from sagging and uneven wear. Rotating it from head to foot every three months or so is certainly less strenuous than flipping a usually very heavy two-sided mattress.

They are easier to transport

A single-sided mattress is lighter because it doesn’t have the extra padding and coils that are typical of two-sided mattresses. Its lightness makes it easy to move from one place to another.

Movement is reduced

The high-density base of one-sided mattresses makes for a foundation that is motion-resistant. So if two sleepers share the bed and one changes position, the other won’t be bothered because the movement is reduced.

A wider selection

Most mattress stores carry several types of one-sided mattresses, giving customers options that will suit their needs.

They are more affordable

One-sided mattresses typically cost less than double-sided ones because of the simple fact that manufacturers spend less making them. The low cost of manufacturing single-sided mattresses can be directly attributed to the changes in flammability standards over the last decade.

Manufacturers are required to install underneath the cover on all sides of each mattress a fire retardant fiber that only one company makes, which means it can get costly. With the one-sided mattress, they only have to put in that fiber on the top and sides of the mattress, thus lowering the production cost and making the whole thing cheaper.

Considering the above benefits of one-sided mattresses, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that demand for them is higher than for two-sided ones. Nevertheless, your comfort should always be top priority, and that’s why it’s entirely up to you to decide whether to go with one-sided mattresses or with double-sided mattresses, which are comfortable and durable in their own right.

Carvin Wheeling is a content writer for Mattress Direct Warehouse, a local mattress store in sunny Phoenix, AZ. He is a thrifty shopper who enjoys sharing his knowledge with people who are serious about spending less on high quality items.


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