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Choosing the Right Bed in a Box

bed in a box

How long have human beings been looking for a comfortable place to sleep? As far as mattresses are concerned, early humans began their search about 77,000 years ago. That’s when these early humans started packing together plants and leaves to form thin mats at the Sibudu Cave site in KwaZulu-Natal. The primitive mattress samples uncovered at that location are widely believed to be the earliest examples of manmade mattresses on earth.

While mattress options may have been in short supply tens of thousands of years ago, there is no shortage of choices available to consumers looking for a comfortable mattress in today’s marketplace. From innerspring to memory foam, air, hybrid, pillowtop and more, there are plenty of mattress types to choose from in the modern era.

Tips for Selecting the Right Bed in a Box

In recent years, a bed in a box has become a popular option for many shoppers looking for a comfortable mattress. This kind of bed is widely available online from a number of respected retailers. In fact, if you search for a bed in a box online, you’ll be able to scroll through at least several pages of retailers who sell their own proprietary versions of this kind of mattress.

One of the best aspects to purchasing a bed in a box is that this sort of bed can be shipped directly to your location. When it arrives, you simply remove it from the box, unroll it and let it reach the proper dimensions before you put it on top of your box spring.

Although convenience is certainly a concern when you’re shopping for a bed in a box, it’s far from the only thing you need to consider. You also need to think about your personal preferences. It’s important to keep your preferences in the forefront of your mind to increase the odds that you’ll successfully purchase a bed in a box that you’ll be happy with.

Here are three additional things you need to consider when you’re shopping for a bed in a box:

  • Support: Be sure the bed in a box you want to order provides enough support to keep your back properly aligned
  • Relief: A bed in a box, or any mattress for that matter, must give you the ability to move around to relieve pressure on the curvier areas of your frame
  • Comfort: While comfort is subjective, you can gauge a bed’s comfort level by reading the reviews of a given bed in a box online

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