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4 Reasons Ben’s Bed in a Box Is Right for You

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Are you having difficulty falling asleep when it’s time for bed? Do you struggle to remember the last time you slept through the night without waking up multiple times? Are you starting to exhibit the signs of sleep deprivation, such as moodiness? If your answer to any of those questions begins with a “yes,” it may be time for you to start thinking about making a change.

What change can possibly put an end to your sleep woes? In many cases, it’s as simple as getting a new mattress. If you’re like a lot of people, the thought of having to get a new mattress is enough to cause you to lose sleep even if you’re already a sound sleeper. Having to choose a mattress, lug it home, wrestle it into position and drag your old mattress out of the house aren’t fun tasks, after all.

But, what if there was a simpler solution to getting a new mattress? Would that make you look forward to buying a new mattress and returning to your former, healthier sleep patterns? Well, there is an easier way to get a brand-new, sleep restoring mattress. And it’s Ben’s Bed in a Box.

While there are plenty of reasons Ben’s Bed in a Box is the right choice for a lot of people, these four often stick out: Comfort. Quality. Convenience. Confidence.


With Ben’s Bed in a Box, you’ll enjoy premium comfort. Our advanced gel technology provides a cooler, more supportive sleep. Our Eco-Flex HD Foam is higher density, which provides long-lasting comfort throughout the night. Our Swirl Gel assists you with getting the deep sleep results your body needs on a regular basis.


Like our traditional mattresses, Ben’s Bed in a Box is a high-quality sleep solution that’s expertly made using only the best materials available. We offer two top-quality bed in a box solutions. Our Augusta model is made with eight-inches of memory foam. Our Savannah model features 10-inches of the same Eco-Flex HD Foam used to make our Augusta model. No matter which model you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your Ben’s Bed in a Box.


When you purchase Ben’s Bed in a Box, you don’t have to worry about transporting your mattress or waiting around for a delivery person. Ben’s Bed in a Box is shipped in a small box that will fit in most automobiles via FedEx or UPS. Setting up your Ben’s Bed in a Box is easy enough to do by yourself. Delivered right to your door no matter where you live in the United States and simple to set up – can things get more convenient than that?


A typical mattress will normally last 10 years or less. With Ben’s Bed in a Box, you won’t have to concern yourself with paying for a new bed for quite a while because the sleep solution comes with a lengthy 20-year warranty. This laudable warranty will make you confident that you made the right decision when you purchased Ben’s Bed in a Box.

Order Your Ben’s Bed in a Box

As you can see, you have meaningful reasons to change your current sleeping arrangements with Ben’s Bed in a Box. Don’t wait any longer. Order your Ben’s Bed in a Box now!

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