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How to Design a Bedroom on a Budget

December (6) _ How to Design a Bedroom on a Budget

There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize that their bedroom needs a complete overhaul. All of a sudden, the headboard looks dated, the paint color is odious, and every decoration in the room inspires anxiety rather than relaxation. When this time comes, it can be easy to assume that redecorating that bedroom would be an expensive endeavor, but for people in the Atlanta, GA area, there actually are some really simple and affordable things that can be done in the name of bedroom rejuvenation.

Three Tips for Designing Your Bedroom on a Budget

Of course the easiest thing to do would be to redecorate and redesign a bedroom with no concern for budget at all, but most people would rather approach this project without having to take out a second mortgage out on the house. For these people, we offer the following three tips for designing a bedroom on a budget:

#1 Start with a New Paint Color

The easiest, fastest, most affordable way to change the look of a bedroom is to freshen things up with a new coat of paint. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new bedspread and curtains, too, you may have to make some color decisions all at the same time, but the paint itself really isn’t all that expensive, and you could conceivably put a couple of coats of paint on a room in a single weekend.

One tip when choosing paint colors, though, is that cooler hues tend to be a little more relaxing in bedrooms. Red can be too aggressive and bright yellow is too anxious for a bedroom paint, so consider choosing a cool blue, green, or gray.

#2 Add Some Artwork

Especially for those young people looking to upgrade from wall décor consisting primarily of posters, the addition of some real artwork can be a full-blown game changer. While many people think of millionaires bidding hundreds of thousands of dollars on paintings at auction, there are ways to find nice pieces of art on a budget. Sellers on Etsy, for example, offer all sorts of styles of art for reasonable prices, or you can just buy a print of something and have it framed. Whatever you choose, make sure it vibes with the room and your own artistic sensibilities.

#3 Invest in an Affordable Bedroom Set

Many people would love to go beyond these types of superficial upgrades and invest in some more modern furniture, but furniture tends to be expensive. Here at Ben’s, however, customers in and around Atlanta, GA can get their hands on quality bedroom sets for surprisingly low prices, with excellent financing options to boot. If you’re in the market for a new headboard or a completely new set of bedroom furniture, we have plenty of affordable options from which to choose.

The reality here is that bedroom redesigns don’t require huge stacks of cash. In fact, it can be done for surprisingly little investment while completely revamping the way you feel about your room. Best of all, you very likely will sleep better in a room that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy!

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