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Big Ideas for Small Apartment Decorating

Big Ideas for Small Apartment Decorating

8 Tips for Small Apartment Decorating

If you’re moving into a small apartment, you know decorating your future living space will have its own unique challenges. While that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you should have to compromise your tastes or settle for living in an apartment that isn’t expertly decorated. Whether you want to make your apartment seem bigger, lighter, cozier or something else, check out our small apartment decorating tips to achieve your goal.

Go with Some Curves

A lot of apartments have layouts that are best described as “boxy,” and smaller apartments are usually not an exception. If your apartment is boxy, you can use some curves to make it seem less so. Round tables, curvy chairs, oval mats and rugs sporting dots or spirals are simple ways to incorporate some curves into your décor and make your apartment feel cozier.

Use a Light Rug

Adding a light rug to your apartment’s décor is an affordable way to make your living space feel bigger and brighter. This is particularly effective if your apartment has dark hardwood floors or carpeting that makes your living space seem tighter than it might actually be. In these cases, a lightly colored bound carpet remnant will work quite well.

Hang Curtains

Hanging curtains over your windows or even on your apartment’s bare walls is an easy way to add some drama to your living space. If you have low ceilings, hanging curtains floor to ceiling is an effective way to add height to the appearance of your apartment.

Consider Scale

Too many small apartment dwellers make the mistake of trying to make their residence seem larger by getting a big, overstuffed couch. While that’s understandable, it’s wiser to go with furniture that’s more moderately sized or smaller if your goal is to make your apartment look bigger. For this reason, you always have to keep scale in mind when you’re choosing furniture for a small apartment.

Run with Clear Furniture

If you want to give your apartment an air of roominess, consider going with some clear furniture. Lucite tables and chairs will make your apartment feel more open while still being functional.

Add Lights

Adding lights to the décor of a small apartment is a simple way to make the space feel warm and inviting. By using lights on your walls, ceiling and all around, you can create a warm glow that’s welcoming and successful with making your apartment seem larger.

Think Multi-Purpose

When you’re decorating a small apartment, it’s important to consider getting furniture that can serve several purposes. If you have a choice between an ottoman that doesn’t have a storage compartment and a footrest that does, for instance, you might be better off buying the latter instead of the former.

Buy the Right Size Mattress

When it comes to apartment decorating, it’s crucial for you to choose a mattress that’s the right size for your living space, regardless of whether your apartment is a studio or it has a dedicated bedroom or two. Ben’s sells a wide variety of mattresses that are ideal for living spaces of all sizes, including small apartments. Shop with Ben’s to find a new mattress today.


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