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3 Comfort Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

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Do you struggle to get comfortable when you climb into bed? Do you wake up sore from sleeping in the same position night after night? Does your partner keep you up by snoring every night?

If any of those things is all too familiar to you, you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed frame. This kind of frame can be extremely helpful when it comes to reducing or eliminating the problem of snoring.

Snoring typically occurs when a person lies flat in bed because there’s extra weight on the individual’s windpipe. This added weight causes the person’s windpipe to close, which results in the individual snoring. With an adjustable bed frame, you can lift your partner’s head to alleviate the weight on your partner’s windpipe. Doing so can reduce the likelihood that your partner will snore or stop them from snoring altogether.

What Else Can Adjustable Bed Frames Do?

In addition to at least cutting down on your partner’s snoring and enabling you to get some sleep in silence, adjustable bed frames can do even more. More specifically, they can increase your comfort and greatly enhance your sleep as well as the hours you’re awake as a result.

Here are some of the most significant comfort benefits you can enjoy with an adjustable bed frame:

Reduce Back Pain

When you sleep on a flat mattress, your body puts pressure on your sciatic nerve. This pressure can cause conditions like sciatica which can lead to chronic back pain. Quite often, people can reduce their back pain by getting an adjustable bed frame because they can prevent their sciatic nerve from being confined to the base of their spine while they sleep.

Simply by slanting your head a mere 45-degrees will relieve compression in your lower back and reduce the discomfort you experience in your back. This position is also great for eliminating the need for multiple pillows and preventing aches in your neck. If you raise the foot of your adjustable bed instead, it will bend your knees, lift your legs and reduce the pressure on your spine.

Relieve Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis or chronic pain caused by another condition, an adjustable bed frame can help to alleviate your discomfort. You simply have to position your frame so that pressure is taken off painful areas, which will make you more comfortable. If arthritis makes getting out of bed difficult for you, you can make things easier by adjusting your frame so that it’s more comfortable and manageable for you to rise in the morning.

Reduce Leg Swelling

Pregnancy, an illness or an injury are some of the things that can cause a person to suffer from swollen legs. Swollen legs can be quite uncomfortable, but an adjustable bed can help to reduce swelling and lessen your discomfort.

When you lie flat, fluids often pool in your body, which can cause swelling and inflammation, increased pain and less comfortable shut-eye. If you suffer from swollen legs, it’s advisable to get an adjustable bed frame so you can raise your legs to prevent or minimize swelling.

Find Your Adjustable Bed Frame at Ben’s

If you’re ready to start enjoying the many comfort benefits that an adjustable bed frame can provide, you should shop for an adjustable bed frame at Ben’s now. Whether you shop with us at one of our Atlanta-area locations or you look for an adjustable bed frame at Ben’s online, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Shop with Ben’s today!


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