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What is the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers?

December (2) _ What is the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Everybody has a unique way of sleeping, but in a general sense there are side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers, each of which offers its own plethora of variations. It should not come as any sort of surprise that certain types of mattresses are better for certain types of sleeping positions, but sleeping on one’s back creates a specific set of physical circumstances that calls for a very specific type of mattress.

Four Things Back Sleepers Need in a New Mattress

So what are these circumstances? The following are some mattress features that back sleepers should be looking for when shopping for a new bed here at Ben’s:

#1 Medium-Firm to Firm

While firmness is a personal preference, the science proves that sleeping on your back requires significant support to the areas where your body meets the mattress. The lower back especially requires a significant amount of support, and mattresses that are too soft allow your body to sink into the material so that your spine actually bows while you sleep. Medium-firm mattresses provide good support to your spine, and those with more serious back pain should consider purchasing a firmer mattress to ensure proper support.

#2 Materials

Here at Ben’s, we offer a number of medium-firm and firm mattress in all sorts of different materials, from foam to coil to hybrid, but typically the best materials for back sleepers are the foam and hybrid options. While memory foam is extremely popular (and increasingly affordable) right now, poly foam mattresses can be great for the back as well. Whatever material you choose, you want a top comfort layer of about two inches to ensure your back receives the correct amount of cradling for a good night’s sleep.

#3 Cooling Properties

Another feature to consider in a mattress of any material is cooling properties. Back sleepers tend to trap more heat into their mattresses, meaning beds with built-in measures to counteract that that heat can ensure the bed is a lot more comfortable all night long. Usually, these features increase air flow, which can cool down a sleeper and perhaps even allow you to save some money on air conditioning bills that come from some sleepers dealing with all the heat trapped underneath their covers. We have a number of mattresses with cooling properties here at Ben’s, so ask your sales associate for help in finding one that works for you.

#4 Affordability

Of course, cost is a major consideration for a mattress, too, regardless of what kind of sleeper you are. We offer several excellent mattresses that deliver cost effective comfort as well as any mattress store in Atlanta, GA. Visit any of our 14 stores or shop online for the best deals in town on a good nights sleep. One of our primary objectives is delivering affordable mattresses that will help you sleep better. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, we are confident that we can provide you with a sleeping solution that you can be excited about.

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