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Is Watching TV Before Bed Bad for Your Sleep?

Couple watching tv before bed.

Watching TV Before Bed: What You Need to Know

Does your mind start to race when you try to fall asleep? If so, you’re not alone. Many people find that their mind is filled with replays of the day’s events or other things when they try to drift off at night. As a result, some individuals rely on electronics to help them fall asleep. Is watching tv before bed affecting your sleep?

As you’d expect, television is one of the most popular choices for people who have trouble falling asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 60 percent of Americans can be found watching TV before bed. LG Electronics claims that 61 percent fall asleep while the television is still on. For some people watching TV before bed is simply a daily habit, but for others, it’s a must.

How TV May Facilitate Sleep

Whether or not you’re used to falling asleep with the TV on, you may wonder if it’s a wise thing to do. The truth is, the answers to that question are mixed. On the pro-television side, an argument can be made that watching TV before bedtime can help you tune out any thoughts that might keep you awake at night.

If you turn the volume on your television down, your TV may serve as a soothing white noise machine. That type of machine is meant to emit ambient noise that reduces the length of time it takes you to fall asleep. When you watch a light-hearted show that you’ve already seen multiple times before bed, the feelings of comfort and familiarity the show provides may help you fall and stay asleep.

The Downsides of Watching TV Before Bed

While some people have no issue with watching TV before bed others will argue just as fervently that it’s not something that’s advisable to do, especially on a regular basis. Watching television as you try to drift off can be a problem if you get so caught up in the show you have to stay awake to see what happens next. It can also be an issue if whatever you’re watching induces feelings of stress, worry or fear and those emotions make it impossible for you to rest.

The even bigger danger of watching TV before bed has to do with blue light. Even though televisions do not emit as much blue light as other electronics, such as a tablet or laptop, a TV still gives off blue light. Blue light is capable of preventing your body from producing melatonin, which is a natural hormone that helps you fall and stay asleep.

Even if you’re able to fall asleep with the TV on, having your television on may still be causing problems. That’s because the blue light your TV emits may delay the onset of REM sleep, which can impede your body’s ability to recover from the previous day and lead to drowsiness the next day. In other words, the blue light from your TV can negatively influence the quality of your sleep.

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