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Understanding the Difference Between Bed Sheet Thread Counts

Understanding Thread Counts

If you’re in the market for new sheets for your bed, you’ll need to know a bit more than the size of your bed and the color of the sheets you want. That is, you’ll need to know more than that information if you want to make sure you’re getting comfortable sheets. You need to know what thread count is and how it influences the comfort of sheets, for example.

What Is Thread Count?

The term “thread count” refers to the number of threads it takes to make one inch of sheet fabric. Horizontal threads are called weft while vertical threads are referred to as warp. Both a sheet’s weft and warp are counted to determine the sheet’s thread count. So, if a sheet has 300 horizontal threads and 300 vertical threads per square inch, the sheet’s thread count is 600.

An Explanation of the Differences between Sheet Thread Counts

Many consumers believe that bed sheets that have a higher thread count will be softer than sheets that have a lower thread count. While that’s sometimes the case, many sheets with lower thread counts are still quite comfortable and pleasing to the touch. While sheets with higher thread counts sometimes wear better than those with lower thread counts, they are typically more vulnerable to rips and snags.

Retailers often charge more for sheets that have a higher thread count. You’ll normally pay less for sheets that have a thread count of 150 than you would for a set of sheets that has a thread count of 1,000 or more, for example.

While sheets with a higher thread count may cost more, it doesn’t mean you’ll get more for your money. Some sheet manufacturers inflate the thread counts of their sheets by using several yarns that are twisted together in the sheets’ wefts and warps. This deceptive tactic can actually have a negative effect on the quality of a sheet despite its reported high thread count.

Many experts consider “good” sheets to have a thread count somewhere between 200 and 800. You don’t necessarily need to look for sheets at the high end of that scale to find a comfortable sheet because many 200-count sheets may feel just like sheets that have a higher thread count.

Thread Counts and Weave

If sheets aren’t sold with a certain type of named weave, they’re often made with the same number of threads in the weft and warp. These sheets normally have a low thread count and they’re usually inexpensive.

The two most common labeled weaves are percale and sateen. If you go with percale sheets, you should choose sheets with a thread count between 200 – 400 for a lighter sheet and 400 – 600 for a heavier sheet. If you prefer sateen, you should look for a thread count between 300 and 600 if you want soft sheets that are also strong.

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