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Tips for Sleeping When You Have Neck Pain

Neck Pain

In just about every way possible, neck pain is a burden for people trying to sleep. At the same time, improper sleep can lead to considerable neck pain, which can set up a vicious cycle that can be incredibly hard to break. Here at Ben’s, we specialize in providing customers with the raw materials they need to get a great night’s sleep, and that includes helping out those people dealing with considerable neck pain.

The following are a few tips for alleviating neck pain so you can get the great night’s sleep you long for:

Sleep On Your Back

While everybody has their own unique way of sleeping through the night, basic biology suggests that sleeping on your back is the way to alleviate the pressure that you can have placed on your neck bones and muscles. Lying flat on your back is the best way to ensure that your spine is in the neutral position, which keeps it aligned all night and prevents unnatural curvature that could ultimately cause pain in your neck area.

Side-Sleeping Can Work… With Help

That isn’t to say that all hope is lost if you’re a side sleeper. You may lie on your back with great intentions to stay in that position throughout the night, yet wake up on your side every morning with a sore neck. If you are a side sleeper, one of the best ways to get your spine properly aligned is to sleep with a pillow between your legs for extra support. This takes pressure off of your neck since your body won’t sink as much, keeping you closer to the neutral spine position.

Use the Right Type of Pillow

Another way to keep your neck lifted is by using the right type of pillow. If yours has gone too flat, or if you’re the type of person that prefers sleeping with two pillows, it may be time to shop for something new or change your pillow habits. The ideal type of pillow is one that is in the middle of the road in terms of firmness and isn’t too bulky. Beyond that, shop for a material that is comfortable, as there certainly are plenty of new pillow options out there from which to choose.

Consider a New Mattress

An older mattress may be causing your body to sink down, curving your spine and putting extra pressure on your neck. If you haven’t bought a new mattress in the last decade, it’s definitely time to head to Ben’s and consider purchasing a new one that will provide better spinal support. That, in turn, will lead to better neck support and a decrease in the neck pain that has been keeping you up at night

Here at Ben’s, we want to make sure that the money you spend on new mattresses and bedroom sets actually goes to good use in making you sleep more comfortably. You can help, too, by altering some habits and making a few adjustments to ensure that you at least won’t experience neck pain as you sleep through the night.

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