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Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Workplace Productivity?

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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your productivity during the day. But for many people, simply going to bed earlier might not be enough to see positive changes on the job. To truly improve your sleep, you need a higher-quality mattress.

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Scientific research by Harvard Medical School found that the quality of your sleep is perhaps just as important as the length of time you spend in bed. Poor-quality sleep – caused by tossing and turning (or even disruptions from a tossing partner) – can have several detrimental effects on our ability to perform during the day, including:

  • Decreased productivity

    Without deep, restful sleep, you are more likely to be less productive at your job. A lack of focus and energy prevents you from getting more done in less time. This ultimately hurts your job performance and looks bad to your employer.

  • Increase in errors

    If you’re tossing throughout the night, you’re more likely to make mistakes on the job. These too could have a negative impact on your job security, especially if it’s an ongoing problem.

  • Accidents that cost both lives and resources

    Even if you don’t work in a hazardous work environment, a lack of quality sleep could make you cause accidents that eat up company resources and put lives at risk. Consider your work commute, for example. Being drowsy behind the wheel, or walking to a bus stop, can be more dangerous than you may think, when you’re low on sleep.

And let’s face it – a lack of good sleep certainly doesn’t help our attitudes, either. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to create unnecessary conflicts with the people around you.

How Your Mattress Can Help

A good-quality mattress is the foundation to a great night’s sleep. If you are tossing at night or constantly waking up for no apparent reason, these could be signs it’s time to replace your mattress.

How can a mattress improve the quality of your sleep? Today’s mattresses from trusted brands like Englander are designed with several innovative features designed to prevent you from tossing and waking at night:

  • Pressure-point-relieving comfort layers

    Soft, supportive foams, such as memory foam, conform to your body, relieving the pressure points that cause tossing and turning. When lying in bed, you feel the need to turn over when pressure builds up in your hips, back, neck or other areas. These comfort layers are incredibly effective at relieving that pressure, so you fall asleep faster—and stay asleep.

  • Motion-reducing Innersprings

    Newer innersprings are designed to reduce motion in the mattress. So even if your partner is turning or coming to bed after you’re already sleep, you’re less likely to feel it. End result: your deep, restful sleep is not disrupted.

  • Heat Reduction

    Older-style mattresses are notorious for “sleeping hot.” Poor-quality materials inside the mattress cause a buildup of heat, which causes discomfort and leads to your kicking the covers off. New mattresses are designed with heat-reducing technology to ensure your body stays cool and comfortable through the night.

Browse our mattress collection online or stop by one of our stores to learn more about the ways a new mattress can give you the deep sleep you need to boost your productivity and energy at work.

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