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Not All Mattresses are Created Equal: A Guide to Mattress Types

Close Up of a Mattress

Innersprings, Pillow Tops, Memory Foam—Oh My!

When it comes to buying a mattress, you have a surprising number of mattress types to choose from. But finding the perfect one doesn’t need to be difficult. With some basic knowledge on the different types of mattresses we offer at Ben’s, it’s easy to create the bed of your dreams.

Here’s a handy guide to the most common types you’ll encounter when shopping:

  1. Innerspring / Coil

    One mattress type, known as innerspring is pretty popular! Constructed with a framework of metal coils. Think of this as the supportive core of the mattress. The springs support the weight of your body while also gently conforming to it. Innerspring mattresses are topped with foam to create varying levels of softness. Typically, but not always, a firm mattress will have fewer of these layers than a plush mattress.

    Advantages of Innerspring/Coil Mattresses:

      • Many options and firmness levels to choose from
      • Good for sleepers who prefer the feel of a traditional mattress


  2. Foam Mattress

    Another mattress type, known as the term “foam mattress”, is typically popular as well! It is used to describe a mattress that uses a foam core (often made of memory foam or latex), rather than an innerspring. Often, the foam core is also topped with additional foam layers to control the softness. Check out Ben’s where he offers a variety of foam mattresses!

    Advantages of Foam Mattresses:

      • Exceptional pressure-point relief and weight distribution
      • Good for sleepers who love the unique feel of memory foam


  3. Pillow Top

    A pillow top mattress has additional layers of foam stitched onto the top of the mattress. This provides an extra level of cushioning to envelop the body. Keep in mind, not all pillow tops are designed to provide pillow-like softness all the way through. For example, you can have a firm mattress that’s also a pillow top. So always be sure to check the manufacturer’s softness level.

    Advantages of Pillow Top Mattresses:

      • Luxurious, body-conforming softness on the top layers of the mattress
      • Good for back and side sleepers, but often not stomach sleepers


  4. Box Top & Euro Top

    Box top and Euro top mattresses are basically the same as pillow tops, except the tops are sewn to create a flush, uniform appearance with the rest of the mattress. These are usually some of the tallest mattresses on the market.

    Advantages of Box Top & Euro Top Mattresses:

      • Layer after layer of lush cushioning, available in varying softness levels
      • Good for those who like a tall bed that’s fit for a king


  5. Adjustable Motion

    Some mattresses and bed frames are adjustable, allowing you to vertically adjust the head and/or foot of the bed. This is ideal for those who do a lot of reading or watching TV in bed, or for those who have trouble with mobility.

    Advantages of Adjustable Motion Mattresses:

      • Easy, adjustable comfort for sleeping or sitting up in bed
      • Good for those who read or watch TV in bed


Can’t Decide On A Type Of Mattress?

Don’t worry! The easiest way to find the perfect mattress is to try it out in-person. We encourage you to actually lie down on the mattresses at any Ben’s location, so you can see how it feels. And if you have questions, our associates are happy to help.


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