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Why are Mattresses So Expensive? The Top 3 Reasons Why They’re Worth the Investment


For most people, the mattress is an afterthought. It’s something you use every night, but never really think about. So when it comes time to buy a new one, some people are surprised by the sticker price.

All of These Mattress Prices May Seem High at First – But Are They Really?

Any mattress you buy today is going to cost you at least a few hundred dollars. At Ben’s, we carry a wide range of mattresses, from as low as $299 to as high as $1,799 or more for luxuriously cozy mattresses like the Manchester Box Top from Englander.

When you compare the cost of a mattress to other life expenses, and consider the actual value you get in return, you begin to see that mattresses are actually a very smart investment.

Let’s Take a Look at Three Reasons Why Mattresses are Totally Worth It

  1. A Good Night’s Sleep is EverythingNothing beats the feeling of waking up refreshed after a full night of deep, blissful sleep. A good night’s sleep gives you more energy to tackle your day, be productive at work and maintain a positive attitude. Plus, sleep is vital to your health.

    But if your mattress is old, sagging or no longer comfortable, chances are it’s keeping you up at night. A lack of support will cause you to toss and turn throughout the night, so you’re never getting the deep sleep your body needs.

    Buying a new, high-quality mattress is an investment in your health and happiness. Consider the cost of a $900 mattress compared to expenses for cable TV, Netflix and cell phone service. Together, those services probably cost you hundreds of dollar every month. In contrast, your mattress is a one-time expense that will deliver years of great sleep, night after night.

  2. You Deserve to Be ComfortableSleep aside, let’s talk about your actual comfort in bed. You spend roughly a third of your life in bed. So why wouldn’t you want to be as comfortable as can be?

    Think about it. If your cell phone was hurting your ear or scratching your fingers every time you used it, you’d probably shell out a few hundred dollars for a new one, right? So why not spend a few hundred dollars on a mattress that will make you super cozy under the covers every night?

    When you consider just how much you use your mattress, and how important your nightly comfort is, you realize the cost is actually a pretty sensible deal.

  3. Mattress Construction Is Kind of AmazingWhat other items in life do you use for eight hours a day, every day, year after year, and which don’t fall apart from all that use?

    Your mattress is probably the hardest-working thing you own! The durability you depend on every night is only possible with quality materials and careful craftsmanship. Today’s best mattresses are constructed with advanced innerspring systems, innovative memory foams, ultra-strong fabrics and other materials that help to keep you comfortable and extend the life of the mattress. All of these factors ultimately contribute to the cost of the mattress.

So while a mattress may seem “expensive” at first, it’s easy to see you’re actually getting a whole lot for your money. Shop at one of Ben’s locations and check out their latest mattress special!


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