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Is Your Mattress the Cause of Your Tiredness?


Would you play tennis without a racket or participate in a tackle football game without a helmet or pads? Even if you’ve never played a sport before, you probably know that many sports require participants to have certain gear.

Just like you need to prepare to play a sport by getting the appropriate equipment, you need to prepare your bedroom to get a good night’s sleep. Even though it’s recommended that people spend between 7 – 9 hours sleeping in their beds every night, few people give much thought to their mattresses. That’s unfortunate because a high-quality mattress is a key ingredient in the recipe for restorative sleep.

Getting more, better sleep should be a priority for you because getting even just a little more sleep every night can provide some meaningful benefits. Getting more sleep can help you lose weight, for example. It can also help you to remember things more readily and it can extend your life.

Signs Your Mattress Is Making You Tired

With a mattress being so important to your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night, it’s critical for you to invest in a new one when it’s necessary. And it’s certainly necessary for you to get a new mattress if you suspect your current mattress is responsible for you feeling tired when you’re awake.

Here are some signs that your mattress is the reason you’re tired during the day:

  • You Wake Up Tired: If you’re sleeping through the night but wake up tired, your mattress is likely to blame. If your mattress doesn’t provide the right amount of support, it can affect the quality of your sleep even if it doesn’t wake you up. If the quality of your sleep is poor, you’ll feel tired when you wake up.
  • You Toss and Turn a Lot: Your body will naturally toss and turn to relieve pressure points while you sleep. If your mattress provides the right amount of support and is appropriate for your body type, you will experience minimal tossing and turning. If your mattress lacks support and isn’t right for your body type, you will probably toss and turn excessively which will cause fatigue the following day.
  • You Develop Allergies: Over time, mattresses collect things like oils, dead skin cells and dirt. These things attract dust mites. Many people are allergic to dust mites. Being tired is a common symptom of allergies. If it’s been a while since you replaced your mattress and you’ve developed allergies since you last replaced your mattress, it’s probably time to get a new one to prevent exhaustion when you’re awake.
  • You Experience Achiness: If you experience achiness when you wake up, it may be because your mattress is uneven. When you experience pain or soreness, it can make you feel tired during the day. If aches and pains are draining your energy, consider getting a new mattress that’s firmer than your current mattress.

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