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How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress?

January (1) _ How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress

For almost as long as there have been mattresses, there has been a need to flip and rotate those mattresses to ensure that they operate at peak performance and maintain their support. There is a reason that the common recommendation for buying a new mattress is every seven or eight years, and it has everything to do with how the human body leaves an impression in a mattress, regardless of how much it costs or what it is made of.

Despite all of that, the newest mattresses are often are made in such a way that they should not be flipped at all. With customized layers arranged in a very specific way to provide optimal comfort and relieve stress on pressure points, flipping a mattress would mean sleeping on a rather uncomfortable, unintended surface. Yes, things are changing, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Rotating Mattresses Has Replaced Flipping Mattresses

The only mattresses that really require flipping are innerspring mattresses that do not have a pillowtop on one side. Frankly, there are not a lot of manufacturers that sell those types of mattresses anymore, and here at Ben’s we certainly do not sell any that fall into that category. However, those that have not purchased a new mattress in the last few years may still have the old design and may still require a good old-fashioned mattress flip once every few months.

Just because most mattresses no longer require rotation, however, does not mean that people can just plop their new mattresses onto their beds and then never touch them again. These days, certain types of mattresses perform better for a longer duration if they are rotated according to an appropriate schedule.

What Mattresses Benefit From Rotation?

Rotating a mattress is not particularly challenging, but it is worth knowing whether or not owners should be devoting their time and energy to doing it. All of the mattresses at Ben’s perform better from rotation, as they all are either memory foam, innerspring, or a hybrid of the two. Certain other brands that are designed to remain stationary forever do not need the occasional 180-degree spin, but the mattresses that we sell all will.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress?

The real answer to this question will depend on which specific mattress you ultimately purchase, but the general consensus is that most mattresses will perform better over time if they are rotated once every three to 12 months. We suggest Googling your mattress once you get it home to get a better sense of a schedule for it, but once you know, get into your online calendar and set reminders to make sure you are not forgetting to do it. The bed won’t fall apart if you are a couple of months late on a rotation, but why not set a schedule and stick to it?

While all the mattresses we sell here at Ben’s are comfortable right out of the bag, the occasional rotation will help preserve its longevity and ensure that your sleep stays comfortable and regenerative. As always, if you have any questions about maintenance for your specific bed, give us a call any time and we will be happy to give you all sorts of pointers to ensure you are taking the best care possible of your mattress.


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