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Gel Memory Foam vs. Memory Foam: What’s the Difference?

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Gel Memory Foam vs. Memory Foam

If you’re shopping for a mattress, you might be overwhelmed by the options that are available to you. When you perform research about which kind of mattress is best for you, you’ll probably read about innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and many other mattress types. As your research continues, it’s likely that you’ll come across articles and blog posts that discuss gel memory foam vs. memory foam.

The gel memory foam vs memory foam debate has been ongoing for quite a while. Which of those mattress types is right for you depends on a host of factors that you’ll have to sort through based on your sleeping habits, preferences, and budget, among other things.

About Memory Foam

Believe it or not, memory foam was created years ago by the experts at NASA. NASA developed the material to protect astronauts from the extreme pressure that accompanies traveling in space, especially when a craft is accelerating or slowing down. Realizing memory foam had another application, some people in the mattress industry applied NASA’s technology to their products.

Memory foam is made with polyurethane and various chemicals that increase the viscosity of a mattress as well as its density. This foam has microscopic pockets that react to a person’s weight and temperature. Your body temperature softens a memory foam mattress while your weight conforms the mattress around your body regardless of your sleeping position.

Once the mattress successfully relieves the pressure surrounding your pressure points, the mattress will slowly relax and return to a flat state. The next time you get into bed, your memory foam mattress will support your body even more readily, which is why “memory” is included in the name of this kind of mattress.

About Gel Memory Foam

As we stated earlier, memory foam is sensitive to your body temperature. Because that’s the case, some people find they get too hot as they sleep on a memory foam mattress. To resolve that issue, gel memory foam was invented.

Gel memory foam mattresses are made with beads that contain gel. The liquid in these beads is able to change between liquid and solid states, which enables them to absorb heat while you sleep. Since the gel beads can absorb such a considerable amount of heat, people can sleep at cooler temperatures on a gel memory foam mattress.

What’s the Difference? The Cooling Effect

Gel memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses have the same properties with the exception of gel memory foam mattresses having gel beads. The cooling effect those beads provide is the major difference between memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses. If you’d rather sleep hot, then a memory foam mattress is for you. For people who prefer to sleep cooler, gel memory foam is the way to go.

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