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Four Tips for Getting Your Kids to Sleep Faster

Sleep Faster

Getting enough sleep is incredibly important for all of us but is especially for growing children. If you’re a parent, you may be used to your kids begging to stay up late to watch a movie or play a game online, rather than adhering to their set bedtime. We’ve come up with a few foolproof tips that should ensure your children fall asleep much more quickly, giving you more quiet time in the evening and giving them the good night sleep their little bodies require.

Make a Bedtime Routine

Children’s brains are fairly predictable, especially when it comes to bedtime. If you are able to establish a routine that signals to their brains bedtime is coming, they will grow tired naturally and fall asleep a lot more quickly. Start by giving your kids a two-minute warning before heading up, then do a bath, then brush their teeth, then a story, and then turn out the lights. Doing the same thing at the same time every night will help them appreciate the routine of bedtime, which is a great first step in speeding up how quickly they fall asleep.

Make Sure They Exercise During the Day

It makes sense that if you wear your children out, they’ll fall asleep more quickly. Get them some exercise and/or some fresh air, and you’ll be surprised how much more quickly they fall asleep.

Make Sure They Love Their Bed

Kids’ bedrooms should be a place they’re excited about rather than something they see as punishment. Make sure their bedroom is a place they have positive associations with, and that their bed is incredibly comfortable. Here at Ben’s, we have a number of comfortable mattress sets for kids, as well as fun bedroom sets to make their rooms more fun. Wanting to be in bed is a really important part of the process!

No Screens!

The same is true for adults, but electronics are especially stimulating for children. The bright lights and stimulating content promote wakefulness. Their brains think they’re looking at daylight, which keeps them awake longer. Simply cutting off all screens an hour or so before bedtime will help their brains to relax enough to fall asleep more quickly.

It’s not always easy getting your kids to bed. They’ll always try to ask for one more drink of water, or ask to use the potty even though they just used it a few minutes ago, but these tips should help them fall asleep more quickly and then get more quality sleep once they’re out. And, best of all, that means parents can get the rest they need in the evenings as well.

Is it time to replace your family’s mattresses? Come visit the bed experts at Ben’s! Bring your little ones along with you so they can help choose their mattress and bed set. Allowing them to be a part of the selection and purchasing process will show them the importance of where they sleep. So maybe next time they’ll be the ones initiating bedtime instead of you!

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