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What Foundations Are Best for a Bed-in-a-Box?


For people that have just recently purchased a bed-in-a-box, the next step is going to be figuring out how best to support, display and prop that bed up in the bedroom for which it is intended. Since nearly all of these compactly-shipped mattresses are memory foam, finding the best foundation really is a matter of finding the best foundation for a foam mattress. Thankfully, we have many such options here at Ben’s, whether you purchased the main mattress here or not.

Ideal Foundations for a Bed-in-a-Box

We often get asked if there’s any major problem with simply laying a mattress on the floor, and while technically that won’t damage your mattress or change the way you sleep, there are a number of reasons for investing in a more traditional foundation or bed frame. Raising your mattress off the ground makes it easier to get in and out of bed and also limits exposure to any allergens or debris on the floor.

In a general sense, platform or slatted beds generally are considered best for a memory foam mattress, but certain types of box springs can be okay, and adjustable bases are growing in popularity, as well.

Platform Foundations

All slatted bed foundations and many platform foundations are built with spaces and holes between rods or slats that allow air to circulate through the mattress. A foam mattress that can’t breathe is a hot, stuffy mattress, and that can affect the way you sleep. Here at Ben’s, we have options like the Jaxson Bedroom Set or Serenity Bedroom Set, both of which feature platform beds. Just make sure that if the bed does have slats, you consider a mattress cover to keep the mattress from getting damaged.

Adjustable Bases

While not everybody thinks of adjustable bases as a real possibility for their bed foundation, they work quite well with memory foam mattresses because those are more pliable and willing to adjust to any shape. Their quality of back support doesn’t change when moved into different positions, but those different positions really can help people with back pain, heartburn, or other health issues. Our B-24 inMotion Adjustable Base is an excellent option for those considering this route because they need to sleep in a very specific position.

Newer Box Springs

While box springs are great for traditional innerspring mattresses, older ones are not recommended for any other type of mattress, including memory foam. The good news is that manufacturers have begun selling box springs made specifically for memory foam mattresses. They feature extra support in the middle to prevent sagging and don’t scratch up the material like older box springs sometimes do. Using the wrong kind of box spring foundation can actually void your warranty, so if you need help picking out the right one, make sure you speak with someone at Ben’s for help!

Getting a new mattress is fantastic no matter how you order it, but making sure you’ve got the right foundation and support for that mattress is just as important. Ben’s can help with either, so whether you’re buying the whole bed or just the foundation, pay us a visit today to get your hands on the best foundation for your bed!


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