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Four Reasons You Should Finance New Furniture

January (2) _ Four Reasons You Should Finance New Furniture

By the standards of most American consumers, purchasing a new bedroom set or even just a new mattress is a major purchase. Knowing this, and knowing how many people in need of new furniture do not have the cash on hand to pay for things in full the day of purchase, it only makes sense that we would offer generous financing here at Ben’s. While many individuals are able to pay for their furniture over time using their personal credit card, that often comes with significant interest rates. Financing through us, though, offers convenience, simplicity, and more money left in our customers’ pockets.

When shopping for new furniture at Ben’s, whether you are shopping online or in-store, consider the following things when possibly financing a purchase:

You Can Pay for Furniture Over Time

The biggest advantage to financing a bedroom set or a new mattress is that you do not have to pay for everything up front. These purchases can amount to thousands of dollars depending on how many items you are buying, and with generous loan terms we are able to give our customers more time to make several smaller payments instead of one big one. Not everybody can take a four-digit hit to their checking account at once, but we offer flexible payment plans to spread out the financial burden.

You Won’t Have to Pay Interest

Even better news is that these financing terms often come with zero interest, which means there is no cost to the customer for spreading these payments out over time. Unlike credit cards, which tack on interest from day one, the Synchrony accounts we use here at Ben’s allow for spaced-out payments that effectively work the same way as cash.

You Don’t Have to Have Established Credit

While having good credit is ideal when financing something, at Ben’s we do not require that customers have established credit to take advantage of financing. There are some stipulations for applications with no credit, including a required down payment in-store, proof of employment, and valid state identification. This actually can be a great way to build credit for those getting started, and you get a new bedroom set and mattress in the bargain, too!

You Can Apply In-Store

In some instances, consumers need to get pre-approval for loans at banks or credit unions before even setting foot into a showroom, but that’s not how things work here at Ben’s. You can apply for financing and get approved in-store the day you’re ready to buy, making it incredibly easy to space out your payments for a big bedroom set purchase.

While getting a new bed is really exciting, figuring out how to pay for it isn’t always. Here at Ben’s, though, we make the process incredibly easy and convenient so that our customers can enjoy their new bedroom sets without stressing about how to pay for them.

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