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How to Choose the Right Mattress Size for You

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Choosing the right mattress size is just as important as selecting the firmness. After all, what good is your blissfully cozy mattress if there’s not enough room for you and your partner?

A Simple “Mattress Size” Solution

If you want to be comfortable, night after night, you’ll want to have space to stretch out and move around, without your legs hanging off the bed or your elbows constantly knocking into your partner. On the other hand, if you sleep alone or prefer a smaller space for snuggling up, then you don’t want a mattress that’s too big.

Buying the perfect size mattress is easy when you know what to look for. At Ben’s, we have lots of mattress styles and sizes to fit every customer’s need. Let’s go over the basics to help you choose.

Mattress Dimensions

Did you know that a King bed is no longer than a Queen? Knowing the dimensions can help you to visualize the differences between various mattress sizes:

  • Twin: 39″W x 74″L
    Good for bedrooms where space is limited, as well as guest bedrooms and kids’/teen bedrooms.
  • Twin XL: 39″W x 80″L
    Six inches longer than a standard Twin, Twin XL is good for taller people and it’s the common size found in dorm rooms.
  • Full: 54″W x 74″L
    Full mattresses can be ideal for sleeping alone or with a partner. Keep in mind, a Full bed is no longer than a Twin.
  • Queen: 60″W x 80″L
    Queen beds are a step up from Full, ideal for couples or individuals who want a little more space.
  • King: 76″W x 80″L
    At a foot and a half wider than Queen, King mattresses are noticeably larger. They offer lots of room for sprawling out, even for couples. However, remember that the length is the same as a Queen.
  • California King: 72″W x 84″L 
    California King mattresses offer four additional inches of length than a standard King, but they are also four inches narrower.

(Note: dimensions may vary slightly by manufacturer.)

A Mattress’s Height Matters Too

Taller mattresses are typically constructed with more layers of foam and other materials to enhance the comfort. A box top, for example, like our Manchester Box Top Mattress, combines gel-infused memory foam, high-density soft foam and a variety of other materials, resulting in a luxurious, exceptionally tall bed.

A pillowtop, like Englander’s Leeds Pillowtop Mattress, is another good option if you love having layer after layer of soft, supportive cushioning.

If you have trouble getting into higher beds, or prefer the look of a lower-height bed, try the Heritage Mattress, which is only about 8 inches thick, not including the box spring.

If you have a low-to-the-ground platform bed, be sure to take measurements to confirm what it can accommodate.

Fit For Guest Bedrooms

Full and Queen beds are common for guest rooms. But another versatile option is buying two twin beds. This allows you to have two separate beds, which can be placed together for couples to create the approximate width of a King bed!

Need Help Choosing the Right Mattress Size?

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect mattress size is to see it in-person before you buy. Stop by any Ben’s Furniture & Mattress location and our associates will be happy to help!

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