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Sleep Tips

Woman Tired at Work and Overloading with Work

Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Workplace Productivity?

By Shop Manager | April 19, 2017

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your productivity during the day. But for many people, simply going to bed earlier might not be enough to see positive changes on the job. To truly improve your sleep, you need a higher-quality mattress. New Mattress New Me Scientific research by Harvard Medical School found that […]

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A Women Sleeping With A White Comforter and Pillow

8 Simple Tips for More Restful Sleep

By Shop Manager | March 10, 2017

We all know that sleep is incredibly important for your body; that’s why you spend one-third of your 24-hour day in bed. Without it, though, you’ll experience many negative effects, like foggy thinking, irritability, achy joints and muscles, and even nausea. If you’re experiencing insomnia or have no energy after a full night’s sleep. Here Are […]

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