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Why You Should Buy a Brand Name Mattress

Why You Should Buy A Brand Name Mattress

Not all mattresses are created equally. If you want to enjoy a great night’s sleep, night after night, then it’s best to choose a mattress from an established, well-known brand.

Buying the cheapest option on the market might be easier on your wallet at first—but it will be harder on your back, and you’ll probably need to replace the mattress sooner, ultimately costing you more money in the long run.

Little-known mattress manufacturers are notorious for skimping on quality. Additionally, they don’t have the decades of manufacturing experience that the top brands have. End result: you end up with a mattress that isn’t comfortable, sags in the middle, bounces too much, or leaves you tossing all night long.

Benefits of Choosing a Well-Known Mattress Brand

Quality You Can Trust

There’s a reason why a brand like Englander has been around for decades. They’ve perfected the art and science of building mattresses, and customers keep coming back. When you buy a brand-name mattress, you know that it has been made with high-quality materials that enhance your comfort and also increase the longevity of the mattress.

Unparalleled Knowledge

The big-name mattress manufacturers have been innovating mattresses over the past century. They know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve had millions of customers, whose feedback has helped to make the mattresses even better over the years. These manufacturers have immense knowledge on how to build a mattress that’s exceptionally comfortable and durable.

You Know What You’re Getting

Choosing a no-name mattress often comes with a bag of surprises: a squeaky innerspring, rips and tears that quickly develop in the fabric or aches in your back every morning. When you choose a name-brand mattress, you know what you’re getting. The company is well established and known all over the world for its superior quality.

Numerous Mattress Options

Today’s leading brands offer an extensive line of mattresses to fit the diverse needs of sleepers. Extra firm, extra plush, pillow top, Euro top, box top, memory foam, foam core – the list go on and on. A wide collection of mattresses ensures that you can find the perfect one for you, based on your individual sleep habits and comfort preferences.

Plenty of Customer Reviews

Another smart reason to choose a bestselling brand is that it will have been extensively reviewed by other customers like yourself. This allows you to see what other customers are saying about the company (and about specific mattresses) before you buy. When you buy from a manufacturer that nobody’s ever heard of, then you can’t truly know what you’re getting into.

Find the Best Mattress Brands at Ben’s

We believe that every customer deserve a great night’s sleep. At Ben’s, we only sell mattresses from established brands that are known for quality, durability and affordability. And, we offer a wide range of mattress styles to ensure that you can always find the right one for you. Browse our collection online or visit one of our mattress stores to find your dream mattress!


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