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Finding the Best Online Mattress

Shopping for a mattress used to mean you’d have to dedicate at least a day to visiting brick-and-mortar stores. Once in a store, you’d then have to submit to the discomfort that comes with lying down on a mattress to test its comfort level while a store representative hovered over you to hasten your commitment to making a purchase. How do you find the best online mattress?

Now, buying a mattress has been simplified. In fact, you can purchase a mattress with the simple click of your mouse or touchpad. You can then see if the mattress has the desired level of firmness or softness right in the comfort of your home.

What Makes a Mattress the Best?

While buying a mattress has gotten much easier in recent years, finding the mattress that’s best for you is still a challenge. That’s because one person may consider the first option to be the best online mattress while another individual may think a second or third mattress is the best.

To be frank, assigning the title of “best online mattress” is a purely subjective endeavor. Naming something as the best depends on various factors that are unique to you. If you sleep hot, you may think a gel memory foam mattress is the best because the mattress’ gel beads draw heat away from your body. Traditionalists may think an innerspring mattress is the best online mattress they can buy because it’s what they’re used to.

Find the Best Online Mattresses at Ben’s

While everyone may have their own opinion about what the best mattress is, there are some that stand out from the pack for every kind of a sleeper and every budget. In general, the “best” online mattresses share some characteristics.


A warranty is one of the things a mattress must have if it’s going to be ranked as the best of its kind. While some manufacturers are content with providing a five- or 10-year warranty, Ben’s isn’t. When you buy a Ben’s Mattress in a Box, you’ll enjoy a warranty that lasts two decades. That’s right! Our Ben’s Mattress in a Box comes with a 20-year warranty, giving you long-lasting peace of mind. What could possibly be better than that?

Fast Shipping

If you’ve decided to purchase a new mattress, you don’t want to wait long for your mattress to be delivered. The desire to start enjoying your new mattress and improved sleep immediately make fast shipping an absolute must if a mattress is going to be considered the best. When you order a mattress from Ben’s, you’ll enjoy fast shipping you can rely on.


Discounts are nearly a requirement for a mattress to be declared the best online mattress. At Ben’s, we offer specials on our website on an ongoing basis. While we already sell high-quality mattresses at discounted prices, you can save even more when you take advantage of one of our specials.

Whether you prefer to shop online or in person, Ben’s is the place where you’ll find the very best mattresses currently available. Head over to one of our Atlanta-area retail locations to try out a mattress in a welcoming environment that encourages you to lie down for however long you want or place an order for a comfy mattress online now.

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