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Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers


Finding the perfect mattress depends on a variety of factors that are unique to you. For example, you may prefer a soft mattress over a firm one, or a memory foam mattress over innerspring. These preferences are different for each individual. But there’s another crucial factor that you need to consider when choosing your mattress: how you sleep.

We all sleep differently. Some of us sleep on our backs. Others sleep on their stomachs, their sides—or a combination of each. But each side of your body requires a different level of support (or softness). Without the right support, pressure builds up in your muscles at night, causing you to toss or wake up with aches in your neck, back, hips and other areas.

Today, we’re going to focus on the best mattresses for side sleepers. We’ll look at what features are critical for those who typically sleep on their sides, as well as specific mattresses here at Ben’s that we recommend.

Here’s What to Look for in Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Lying on your side is a perfectly natural and healthy way to sleep. You just need to be sure that your mattress doesn’t interfere with your natural posture. To keep your spine properly aligned, you’ll want a mattress that contours to your body and evenly distributes your weight.

Here are the qualities to look for:

  • Softness: Side sleepers typically require mattresses to be on the softer side. The softness provides better conformance to your body while you lay on your side. If the mattress is too firm, it may result in too much pressure on your hips and shoulders.
  • Pillow tops: A pillow top is often a great option for side sleepers, because it provides that much-needed softness right on top of the mattress. Also, if you prefer a firm mattress, some pillow tops are available in firm options, so that the core of the mattress provides the firm feel you love, while the surface provides the cushioning your muscles need.
  • Ample support: In the world of mattresses, support is not the same as firmness. If you’re shopping around, be sure to carefully review all the construction features to make sure your body is getting the support it needs. Lumbar support, edge support and zoned innerspring support are all important for side sleepers.
  • Memory foam: Memory foam is great for side sleepers because of its exceptional body-conforming properties. It gently responds to every little curve, so that your weight is evenly distributed.

Recommended Mattresses

At Ben’s, we carry a large collection of mattresses to ensure that every customer can find the right mattress for their unique needs. Here are a few mattresses that we recommend specifically for side sleepers.

  • Nottingham Pillow Top Mattress
    The Nottingham is a great mattress for side sleepers, thanks to its plush pillow top and features like Gel-infused Memory Foam with Lumbar Support, which combines both pressure-point relief with added support for the lower back area.
  • Niagra Mattress
    If you prefer the feel of memory foam mattresses, the Niagra is an excellent choice. It features a high-density performance core for lasting comfort and proper spinal alignment, topped with pressure-point-relieving memory foam.
  • Bristol Plush Mattress
    Bristol is another great innerspring mattress that also incorporates Gel-Infused Memory Foam for the cradling softness that side sleepers love.

Need some help?

We have a lot of other options to choose from, so give us a call or stop by, and our knowledgeable associates will be happy to guide you to the perfect mattress for you.

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