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Best Mattresses for Couples


You and your partner have individual sleep habits and comfort preferences. Maybe you toss a lot at night, but your partner doesn’t. You prefer a plush mattress, but your partner likes firm. You sleep on your side, but your partner sleeps on their stomach.

So, how do you choose a mattress that’s right for both of you? It’s easier than you might think. Many of today’s mattresses are designed with advanced comfort features and materials that can satisfy both sleeping partners, even if their individual sleep habits are different.

Here are some couple-friendly mattress styles to look for:

Queen and King Mattresses

Let’s start with the basics. You need to make sure you and your partner won’t be elbowing each other all night. A twin mattress won’t cut it. A full mattress will be cozy, but maybe a little cramped. The best bet for couples is a queen or king mattress.

Use the space of your room to determine what will fit. Also, consider how you both like to sleep. Some couples love being able to sprawl out on a king mattress (especially if they have kids who hop into bed in the middle of the night). Some couples prefer being a little more intimate in a queen.

Foam Core & Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your sleep, regardless of each partner’s sleep habits. That’s because memory foam gently envelops each sleeper’s body, contouring to their unique curves. This means that you and your partner each receive the individualized support that your bodies need, almost regardless of sleeping position.

For example, if you sleep on your side, the memory foam will distribute your weight evenly and keep your spine properly aligned. If your partner sleeps on the stomach, the memory foam will work in the same way to keep their body fully supported in all the right places.

Memory foam can be found in both innerspring mattresses and foam-core mattresses. If you’re used to sleeping only on an innerspring, be sure that you and your partner experience a foam-core before you buy one, to ensure you both love the feel.

Individually Wrapped/Pocketed Coil Innerspring Mattresses

If you prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress, look for one with individually wrapped coils, like our LeedsNottingham and Cambridge mattresses from Englander.

These coils are designed to move independently, not together, so that they provide individualized support to each sleeper. So, for example, if you sleep in different ways from your partner, or your bodies are very different, you’ll both still get the support you need.

But there’s another important benefit to individually wrapped coils: when your partner moves, you don’t. Since the coils move independently, they greatly reduce motion between partners. So if your partner tosses a lot at night, you’re less likely to feel it or be woken up. Additionally, the pocketing/wrapping makes the innerspring as quiet as can be, further reducing disruptions at night.

Find the Mattress of Your Dreams

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