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The Best Mattress of 2017

The Best Mattress of 2017

The votes are in! We’ve tested numerous mattresses, listened to customer feedback and compared specs to find the absolute best mattresses of 2017.

The winner is clear. When we looked at options from a wide range of manufacturers, there were a few brands and styles that stood out from the pack. Since each sleeper has their own comfort preferences (some prefer a firm mattress, others prefer plush), we’ve narrowed down the winners into distinct categories and included specific recommendations in each.

If you’re shopping for mattresses, you can use this brand their mattress types as a starting point to finding the perfect mattress for you.

Without further ado, here is our winner!

Englander Mattress Brand

Englander is another historic brand (going all the way back to 1894) that continues to release exceptional mattresses every year. Englander’s secret is combining its legendary craftsmanship with state-of-the-art design to provide “the ultimate in sleep comfort.”

Here are the features that make Englander a winner:

  • Gel-infused memory foam that distributes weight evenly, relieves pressure points and provides an ultra-comfortable mattress surface
  • Individually wrapped coils, which only react to the person sleeping on them, eliminating disturbance from tossing partners and providing perfect support for any body type or shape.
  • Perfect mix of comfort foams, including pressure-point relieving latex, Omalon and pre-stressed luxurious high density soft foam

Recommended Mattresses:

Gel/Memory Foam Mattresses

If you can’t already tell, we’ve been particularly impressed with today’s memory foam mattresses. Englander now offers several mattresses that incorporate gel-infused memory foam for the ultimate in pressure-point relief.

Gel-infused memory foams are a step above their predecessors. They respond better to each sleeper’s body, conforming to their shape. This means you’re getting the right amount of support in all the areas that need it, thus reducing the pressure points that make you toss at night.

You can find gel-infused memory foam in both innerspring and foam-core mattresses.

Recommended Mattresses:

Advanced Innerspring Mattresses  

Innerspring mattresses have come a long way over the years. While we’re impressed by the newest innovations in memory foam beds, today’s innerspring mattresses remain top contenders, thanks to their own cutting-edge design features, such as:

  • Coils that are individually wrapped and encased in foam to reduce motion and respond to your body shape
  • Zoned innersprings that provide more lumbar support for your back and eliminate the cause of sagging in the middle of the mattress

Recommended Mattresses:


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