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Best Mattress of 2018: What You Need to Know

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Breaking Down the Best Mattress of 2018

Now that the New Year is well underway, it’s time to reflect upon the best mattress of 2018. Of course, deciding which mattresses really are the best depends on several factors that are unique to you as a person.

Mattress Size

Even though creating a list of the best mattresses is subjective and relative, there are multiple things that can make a mattress the best pick for you. One of those things is the size of a mattress. If a mattress isn’t big enough to accommodate the person, people or pets that will be sleeping on it, the mattress clearly won’t be the best one you can buy.

Mattresses are widely available in several sizes that are pretty standard throughout the industry. Here are the sizes that mattresses are typically sold in, from smallest to largest:

  • Twin: 38”x75”
  • Full or Double: 53”x75”
  • Queen: 60”x80”
  • King: 76”x80”
  • California King: 72”x84”

In addition to the mattresses just listed, you can also buy baby mattresses. Depending on the retailer, you may be able to purchase a custom mattress that’s sized to your specific dimensions as well.


As you’d expect, the comfort level of a mattress must be considered for anyone who’s trying to assign the title of “Best Mattress 2018” to a sleeping surface. As a general rule, mattress comfort is often discussed in terms of a sleeping surface’s level of firmness or softness.

Mattresses are neither all-firm nor entirely soft. Instead, mattresses are available with varying degrees of firmness and softness. To find what you think is the best mattress of 2018, you have to identify the level of softness or firmness that will keep you comfortable and aligned all night long.


Just like a mattress’ comfort level and size will influence your pick for Best Mattress of 2018, the materials used to make the sleep surface will also impact your choice. There are many kinds of mattresses available in the marketplace, and some of them can be distinguished from others based on their materials.

Here are some of the mattress types you can buy and a description of the materials used to make them:

  • Innerspring: An innerspring mattress has springs or coils that are connected into a single unit within the mattress. Innerspring mattresses offer a wide array of firmness options, often within the same line.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses are made with foam. These mattresses are known for making people feel snug because they contour around a sleeper’s body and then return to their original state when the person gets out of bed.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid mattress is exactly what its name implies – a combination of at least two different materials that make up the mattress. Hybrid beds are available with an assortment of material types, such as the combination of an innerspring mattress and memory foam or latex.

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