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Three DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas for Ultimate Organization

Three DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas for Ultimate Organization

Creating More Bathroom Storage Has Never Been Easier

Do you have a small bathroom or is it on the larger side? No matter how big or small your restroom is, the room only has so much storage space on its own. While that’s the case, it is possible to use the available space smartly and in an organized manner that enables you to store more things and retrieve them with ease.

Use Vertical Space for Storage

If you’ve maxed out the floor space in your bathroom and your cabinets are overflowing, it’s time to use the vertical space that’s available on the walls that define the room. There are several ways you can use the room’s vertical space to store and organize your things. Here are a few of them:

  • Hang Wire Baskets: In many instances, the suggestion to hang wire baskets in your bathroom is one of the best bathroom storage ideas you’ll come across. That’s because wire baskets are see-through, which makes it easy to see what you keep in them, affordable and easy to install.
  • Towel Rack: If you have hooks for your towels, consider switching to a towel rack instead. Just be sure you look for a towel rack that has a shelf running across the top so you can store more towels and other supplies above the towels you’re currently using.
  • Shelves: Shelves are a great way to make the most of the vertical space in your washroom, but you don’t have to settle for shelves that are mass produced and sold in big box stores – not that there’s anything wrong with those options. You can search the Internet for some easy-to-follow instructions and make your own homemade bathroom shelves instead.

Create More Counter Space

What do you do when you only have limited counter space in your bathroom? You make more, of course. How can you do that? You can use a rolling cart that has wire baskets. A rolling cart provides extra storage space for your things and it will often have a place where you can hang your dryer or curling iron. If you can’t find a cart with wire baskets, look for one that has clear plastic receptacles so you can see what’s stored inside them.

Make the Most of Your Medicine Cabinet

Even if you can adjust the shelves in your medicine cabinet, you still might not be making the most of the vertical space behind your shelves. You can make better use of that space by making your medicine cabinet magnetic and using magnets to hang small, light items in your medicine cabinet.

To do this, you’ll need to pick up a few things from your local hardware store, such as galvanized sheet metal, tin snippers and a bonding agent. If you can remove the shelves from your medicine cabinet, do so. Then measure the inside back of your medicine cabinet and cut a piece of galvanized sheet metal to fit. Finally, adhere the sheet metal to the back interior wall of your medicine cabinet and replace the shelves you removed earlier.

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