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4 Reasons You Should Always Use a Boxspring

January (5) _ 4 Reasons You Should Always Use a Boxspring

Because mattress sets are considered a major purchase for the majority of American consumers, we get a lot of questions here at Ben’s about whether the addition of box spring actually is necessary. Many people wonder whether or not they actually need the box spring for their new mattress to function properly, but the answer to this question never is a straight “yes” or a “no.” The reality lies in the gray area.

The simplest answer we can give is that the need for a box spring depends entirely on the type of mattress and the type of bed. One universal truth is that a mattress does need to lay atop a hard, flat surface, making a boxspring an ideal option. Platform beds work, too, and though not aesthetically pleasing to most, some individuals place their mattress directly on the floor.

Though box springs are not a mandatory addition to purchasing a mattress there are several reasons that make them worth the initial cost up front. Here are four reasons you should use a boxspring:

Warranties Sometimes Require Box springs

Most manufactures require that a mattress be supported by a box spring, at least if a customer is planning on filing a warranty claim at any point. It makes sense; these mattresses were designed to work at peak function in congress with these box springs, so if something goes wrong with a bed that was not being used in the manner the manufacturer intended, why would they be obligated to honor the claim?

Some Two-Sided Mattresses Need the Support

While many newer mattresses include all the built-in support a sleeper needs to be comfortable and get a good night’s rest, there are certain styles of two-sided mattresses that still require a box spring for ultimate support. If it is the type of mattress that can be flipped, it still needs a box spring, largely because support is why those box springs were invented in the first place.

The Added Height Makes Getting in and out of Bed Easier

Some people love their platform beds, but they also are quite a bit lower to the ground, which can make it harder to get in and out of bed. This may be no big deal for spring chickens, but older individuals who struggle with this daily act may prefer a box spring if only to lay down and rise up with relative ease every morning and every night.

Your Bed May Need One for Aesthetic Reasons

Finally, a raised bed flat-out looks better on most bedroom sets, filling the room a little more and making it feel more homey. A bed that is low to the floor can create a cavernous sensation in a bedroom, whereas one that sits at a more standard height atop a box spring feels more filled-in and comfortable.

Here at Ben’s, we recommend buying a new box spring with your new mattress. Most of these mattress sets were designed and tested together, meaning optimal performance comes from using these mattresses the way the manufacture intended. While they are not completely necessary in every instance, they are an ideal accessory to getting the most of your bed, and continue to be a common addition to any mattress purchase. Shop our store in person or online. Many of our sales even include boxsprings with the set!


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