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3 Reasons No-Flip Mattresses Might Be Costing You More


Flip or no-flip: that is the question. Chances are you grew up sleeping on a mattress that your parents told you to flip every few months. You rotated it, you turned it over, you rotated it again, all in the name of longevity. Flash forward to today, there are numerous styles of exceptionally comfortable mattresses: pillow tops, euro tops, hybrid memory foam/innerspring mattresses—all of which promote a great night’s sleep.

But there’s one thing that many of these newfangled mattresses are missing: the ability to flip them. That’s because many of today’s one-sided mattresses (particularly the pillow tops) are designed with extra comfort layers stitched onto the top. Those layers are what create the pillowy look and feel, but they’re usually only on one side, not both.

Yes, the pillow tops are super comfortable, and you may also appreciate never having to flip the mattress. But if you’re looking to make your mattress dollars go further, then a no-flip mattress might not be the smartest investment. Here’s why:

No-flip mattresses may not last as long.

There’s a reason why your dad told you to flip your mattress: so it would last longer.

Rotating and flipping your mattress is a simple, effective way to maximize the life of a mattress. It ensures that each side of the mattress is being used, instead of supporting the weight of your body in a single spot. A no-flip mattress may need to be replaced sooner, ultimately costing you more in the long run.

No-flip mattresses may begin to sag.

What happens when you sleep on the same spot, night after night, year after year? Your body begins to form an impression in the mattress. That’s because the foams inside the mattress—and even the innerspring itself—eventually lose their resilience.

By rotating a flippable mattress, you are effectively sleeping on all sides over time, reducing the chance of sagging and ensuring that the mattress will last for many more years.

No-flip mattresses can’t hide spills, odors or damage.

Hopefully you’re using a protective cover on your mattress. But let’s pretend you’re not, and your cat has an “accident” right on top. Pet odors and stains don’t always come out so easily, even with the harshest cleaning products. That leaves you with two options for hiding the smell: 1) buying an entirely new mattress, or 2) flipping it over and forgetting it’s there.

In an ideal world, spills and stains wouldn’t happen on the mattress at all, but they do. A flippable mattress gives you an extra back-up option for those times when you want a stain to disappear—without actually having to toss the whole mattress.

Where to start

So, which mattresses are flippable, and which aren’t? And what if you want to treat yourself to the luxury of a pillow-top mattress, but it can’t be flipped? How do you know which will last?

Those are great questions that our friendly associates at Ben’s will be happy to answer! Visit any Ben’s mattress store to learn more about your options and see which mattresses offer the biggest bang for your buck.

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